At Amerit we believe that a full PM program is fundamental and critical to your fleet’s performance. Keeping downtime low and your budget under control is possible with data and a customized PM Program.

Let’s look at a few ways a comprehensive PM Program can impact your fleet.

1. More than an oil change.

A customized PM Program is more than an oil change and lube; it’s broad in scope, designed to inspect, record, and repair the condition of your vehicle bumper to bumper.

Designed to meet the requirements of DOT’s Annual Inspection, our PM covers up to 100 items. We check, test, inspect, and record the condition of nearly every part of the vehicle. Then we enter complete data on the vehicle’s condition directly into the fleet management system, ensuring full visibility, safety and compliance.

DOT Compliance & CSA Scores

Our trained and certified technicians will inspect your fleet and record the data, ensuring compliance with all DOT requirements. And because our PM Program is so rigorous, your vehicle will pass the DOT detailed Level 1 Inspection with ease; no matter where or when they are examined.

A good PM Program can also help improve your CSA scores. Vehicle Maintenance is one of 7 categories that the FMCSA collects data on for further analysis. If a roadside investigation is conducted, Investigators may request maintenance documents from the driver, including:

  • Roadside Inspection Reports
  • Vehicle Maintenance Files
  • Annual Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs)
  • Equipment Repair Receipts

Amerit’s PM Program and data system supplies your drivers with organized, up-to-date files and information, making this part of the inspection go smoothly and ensuring your vehicle stays on the road, where it belongs.

2. Utilizing Data.

A comprehensive PM Program allows you maximum flexibility, visibility, and control when it comes to data. Not only to schedule routine services during downtimes, but to provide a more complete view of your vehicle and fleet; drawing a direct line between PM services and improved performance and lifespan.

Capturing data creates opportunity for your fleet to make data driven decisions, spot trends, and make adjustments across a group of vehicles, a location, or on an individual basis.

3. Data Driven Decisions.

A good PM Program, with all data accurately loaded into the FMS, is your key to controlling your budget, spotting trends and taking decisive action to lower your total cost of ownership.

But Data in and of itself is not useful and can bury fleet managers in laborious analysis unless the provider supplies the analytic tools and expertise to help them.

Amerit provides dashboards that allow its fleet clients to monitor, track, and make decisions about their fleet. The dashboards show data detail by location, by vehicle, by region for a large number of client-determined maintenance key performance indicators (KPIs), including cost per vehicle, PM currency, and actual labor hours.

These dashboards are available in real time through a customer portal and are used by fleet clients and their account managers to monitor Amerit’s performance, spot trends, and create action plans for further reductions in cost and improvements in operations.

With over 120,000 assets under contract and more than 1,800 highly skilled technicians and managers providing services at over 800 locations nationwide, Amerit Flee Solutions is the go-to provider for the most complex and demanding fleets across the country, providing improved uptime, reliability and peace-of-mind.


Interested in learning more about how we can make caring for your fleet more efficient? Feel free to contact us to learn more about what Amerit Fleet Solutions can do for you.

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