EV Fleet Maintenance

As the nationwide leader in supporting electric fleet vehicles, our EV Fleet Maintenance programs are designed to support your zero emissions assets alongside your ICE vehicles, as you transition your fleet.


Reduced total cost of ownership is one of the great advantages of EVs. With fewer moving parts, and no oil changes, EVs have a simplified EV fleet maintenance program. However, all your standard services and repairs like brakes, tires, lights, HVAC and other common items will still be necessary on a regular basis.

We’ve developed our EV Maintenance Program to offer you the support and services you need to reduce your total cost of ownership and keep your EVs rolling.


Our EV Anywhere®️ program draws upon our vast footprint of skilled technicians to rapidly deploy EV Fleet Maintenance Services anywhere you need them.

Highly flexible and always customized, EV Anywhere®️ delivers the same Amerit hallmarks of excellence, responsiveness, and value to ensure your EV fleet keeps on rolling. Customization of our EV Anywhere®️ solution includes the ongoing maintenance of your charging hardware. Your charging hardware is an essential part of your fleet operations and our partnerships with leading OEMs of both vehicles and charging hardware make us the single source maintenance provider for all your EV needs.


EV Ready®️ is our Technician Training Program. EV Ready®️ is designed to be a proactive, digital, and hands-on training program to deliver OEM Certified technicians, ready to support your EV fleet assets when and where you need them.


The intention of EV Advisor Group is to bring together professionals from fleet operations, OEMs, consultants, FMCs, regulatory experts and other industry experts to foster open dialogue, seek answers and provide guidance that accelerates fleet electrification throughout America, enabling fleets to meet their state regulations as well as their own ESG and GHG reduction goals for a better, brighter tomorrow.

Evolution MSC

Like many of the fleets we serve, we’re committed to sustainability, which is why we’re building our own fleet of electric service vehicles. Our EVolution MSC is the next generation in mobile fleet maintenance. Capable of supporting 90% of repairs for electric fleet vehicles and ICE fleets. These mobile fleet maintenance centers are rescue ready – built to rescue any downed EV by providing 5-10 miles of charge on the spot.


As your EV Fleet Maintenance partner, we’ll do whatever it takes to support your transitioning fleet.

Fleet Electrification

Electrifying your fleet is a complex process with many integrated factors and decisions. Our EV Fleet Maintenance solutions are thoughtfully designed to guide your fleet into an electric future.

As technology continues to evolve, so will EV Fleet Repair and electric vehicle maintenance programs. We’re committed to innovating, learning, and rapidly scaling with confidence alongside you.

Nationwide Footprint

The key to rapidly scaling your EV fleet is working with a partner who is already established nationally. Our nationwide footprint allows us to deploy EV Fleet Repair solutions whenever, and wherever you need.

Whether you’re just starting to plan, actively building an EV Fleet, or you’re looking to electrify owned assets, we’d love to speak with you. Our comprehensive electric vehicle maintenance programs are designed to support you wherever you’re at, and more importantly, wherever you need to go.



No matter where you are in the fleet electrification process, we’re ready to support you as your EV Maintainance Provider.

Talk to a member of our team today, and we’ll get started on a customized EV Fleet Maintainance plan for you.