In-House Maintenance Vs Outsourced Fleet Maintenance

in-house maintenance vs outsourced fleet maintenanceExperienced fleet professionals who manage large, multi-location or transient fleets may have great in-house maintenance shops, however, even the best run programs can benefit from outsourcing to a qualified maintenance provider.

In-house maintenance Vs Outsourced fleet maintenance

If you find yourself experiencing any of the below situations, it may be time to consider outsourcing your in-house maintenance program:

1. When experiencing growth — While vehicle growth overall among fleets was modest (1.4%) in 2017, the economy is growing and that likely means many companies are entering new or expanding old territories, putting pressure on the company’s ability to handle increased maintenance volume or new operations. As a nationwide supplier, Amerit can support the growth of new or expanded markets by rapidly deploying its services to meet the demand. This rapid scalability allows growing, progressive companies to capitalize on opportunities quickly and with the confidence that their fleet, their drivers, and their new customers will be supported by our skilled technicians, ensuring a safe and reliable fleet on day one.

2. When given additional priorities — Companies often implement new initiatives that require additional time and energy, making the burdens of running a maintenance program very distracting. Instead of focusing on the needs of managing fleet operations, fleet managers might find themselves preoccupied by all the details of managing preventive maintenance schedules, oil changes, parts retrieval, technician training, documenting KPIs and more, making it impossible to dedicate the required time to other, more demanding initiatives or requirements.

Outsourcing even a part of fleet maintenance helps to offload those burdens to professional suppliers whose sole focus is maintenance. Amerit helps many clients in this exact situation, alleviating administrative burdens as well as day-to-day management of technicians, inventory, warranty recovery, and DOT compliance.

3. When chaos reigns — If you find yourself in a situation where you have many locations, some in house, some outsourced to multiple vendors, and the lack of consistency and control is driving you crazy, not to mention effecting your ability to manage your fleet, you are not alone. Despite great intentions, when some locations are supported by multiple vendors and others are under your management, quality and consistency can quickly spiral out of control. In these situations even getting consistent invoicing can be a monumental headache. Because of our national footprint and ability to deploy services across the U.S., we have helped many fleet managers bring consistency, compliance, quality and control back to their outsourced locations. Our focus on providing all the services you require for the collection of assets at each location means you eliminate the need for expensive third-party vendors and the chaos that weighs down fleet efficiency and performance.

Outsourcing as an Investment in Your Fleet’s Future

Choosing an expert outsourced maintenance provider, such as Amerit, will take this highly-technical, specialized, and time-consuming task off your already overloaded plate. Because it’s standardized and provided by highly skilled and certified technicians, Amerit’s maintenance and repair services improve uptime, quality, and efficiency significantly. Fleets will also benefit from improved safety and compliance, since the vehicles are consistently maintained in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, industry best practices, and government regulations.