Our fleet services are customizable, flexible, and efficient. Services that are designed to accommodate your vehicles and routes.

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Our fleet services can maximize your fleet’s uptime:  mobile fleet maintenance, electric vehicle fleet maintenance, onsite fleet maintenance, and fleet service centers.

Our approach to designing your fleet maintenance and repair program begins with understanding your needs. We can leverage each of our services to work for your fleet in different locations, combining mobile services with on site services. Or we can implement one solution to focus on solving a specific problem area. 


Our nationwide presence allows us to focus on state, regional, and local areas. If your fleet is centralized in one location, we’ve got the resources to support and meet you where you’re at.

We deploy our fleet services during your scheduled downtime, so you can drastically improve uptime. Our talented team of nationwide technicians, fleet managers, garage support, and account managers are dedicated to the success and performance of your fleet. 

Our fleet services can support you whether your fleet is made up of CNG, Diesel, ICE, Hybrid, or Electric assets. Our fleet repair solutions can accommodate any asset you need maintained. We service 7 of the 10 largest fleets in the country, and we’re confident we can design a fleet maintenance solution to reduce costs, reduce downtime, improve compliance, and focus on safety.

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Heavy-Duty Truck Repair

Now more than ever, maintaining your Class 7 and Class 8 vehicles is critical. With a wealth of resources at our fingertips and decades of experience under our belts, we continue to standout as the preeminent Fleet Maintenance service provider across the nation.

Our heavy-duty truck repairs accommodate services and required federal and state inspections for Class 7 trucks, Class 8 trucks, Electrical Class 8 trucks, Tractor trailers, and Reefer trailers. If you’ve got a heavy-duty fleet, we are here to help it run better, longer, and safer.


Medium-Duty Truck Repair

Your business depends on your medium duty trucks operating at full capacity. Every day you spend off the road or in the shop affects your bottom line.

Support your medium-duty assets with our preventative fleet maintenance, state and federal inspections, mobile maintenance options and more. We support all asset classes including Class 6 trucks, Class 5 trucks, Class 4 trucks, and Class 3 trucks.

Light-Duty Truck Repair

Light-duty does not mean it’s not hard working. When your business depends on your light-duty fleet, you can depend on us.

Our expert technicians are prepared to service your Class 1 trucks, and Class 2 trucks and cars, along with the rest of your assets. Our expertise provides reliable maintenance and repairs, no matter what you drive.

Last Mile Fleet Maintenance

Last mile deliveries are in greater demand, and with more stops than ever before. The last mile is also where the greatest impact can be made to your customers’ experience. With so much on the line, trust your last mile delivery maintenance needs to the nationwide leader in last mile fleet services.

Our service programs feature onsite services, often at night, anywhere across the country. When your drivers go home, we go to work. And when it’s time to load-out and roll-out, your fleet will be ready to perform.

Material Handling Equipment

Keep your operation running with our material handling maintenance services. Our experience in a variety of industries, from telecom to food and beverage, encompasses a diverse group of material handling equipment. We’re able to maintain your forklifts, scissor lifts, pallet lifts, lift tables, lift gates, aerial equipment, generators, warehouse equipment, specialty equipment and more.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance

As you introduce electric vehicles into your fleet, we’re here to support you during the transition. Our technicians are trained and ready to maintain transitioning fleets and provide a variety of electric services including electric vehicle maintenance and charging infrastructure support.

Amerit is the only supplier you need. We understand that there are many unknowns in electric vehicles. With service agreements in place with major OEMs, our technicians are ready to support your warranty needs alongside of your non-warranty repairs so you can adopt and expand your EV fleet with confidence.

Supporting your all-electric vehicles, electric sprinter vans, battery electric vehicles (BEVs), electric delivery trucks, hybrid fleet vehicles, and plugin fleet vehicles.

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