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EV Fleet Maintenance and Preparing for the Future

EV fleet repair will be essential for all fleets in the future. Electrifying your fleet is a complex process with many integrated factors including infrastructure, technician training, federal and state grants, zero-emission requirements, and more. But we’re here to help. We’ve built Electric Avenue to educate, guide, and support traditional ICE vehicles and electric fleets, side-by-side. EV Anywhere, EV Ready, the EVolution MSC, and our EV Advisor Group each support various challenges fleets may face when electrifying.

EV Anywhere

Nationwide electric fleet maintenance and repair programs for changing fleets.

Flexible, customized programs servicing EV, ICE, and Charging Equipment anywhere across the US.

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EV Ready

Technician Training Program.

Our proactive digital and hands-on training program delivers trained and OEM Certified technicians, ready to support your EV fleet when and where you need them.

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EVolution MSC

All-Electric, Zero Emission Mobile Service Center.

The next generation in mobile fleet maintenance. Capable of supporting 90% of repairs for electric fleet vehicles and ICE fleets. Rescue ready – built to rescue any downed EV by providing 5-10 miles of charge on the spot.

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EV Advisor Group

Round tables, case studies, and in-person events to get answers from Fleet Leaders and OEMs as you electrify and build up your electric fleet.

Utilize our EV Experts, Electric Fleet Consultants, and EV Maintenance Partners for your unique electrification needs.

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Electric Vehicle Maintenance Programs

Electrifying your fleet is a complex process with many integrated factors and decisions. We’ve created our EV fleet maintenance solutions and EV maintenance programs with your electric fleet in mind. As technology continues to evolve, so will EV fleet repair and electric vehicle maintenance programs. We’re committed to innovating, learning, and rapidly scaling with confidence alongside you. As your EV fleet maintenance provider, we’ll do whatever it takes to support your transitioning fleet and prepare you for the future.

Our nationwide footprint will help us support EV fleet repair around the country, anywhere in the United States, so you can access EV fleet repair whenever and wherever you need to. Whether you’re starting to plan, actively purchasing your EV fleet, or you’re looking to electrify owned assets, we’re here to help. Our comprehensive electric vehicle maintenance programs are designed to support you wherever you’re at.