Our executive team boasts exceptional expertise in fleet management, operations, human resources, and business analysis. Together, we consistently deliver the best in high-quality fleet operations, industry best practices, customized solutions, and measurable cost savings.

Dan Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Williams is Chief Executive Officer of Amerit Fleet Solutions and a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to founding Amerit, Mr. Williams had successfully led fast-growing companies, twice earning a position on Inc. Magazine’s “100 Fastest Growing Companies” list. Mr. Williams began his career with Bain & Company, providing growth and operational strategy consulting to Fortune 500 clients. As CEO Mr. Williams oversees the strategy and execution of Amerit’s business operations, including finance, account management, sales and marketing. He leads the company with unfaltering commitment to integrity, customer service, innovation and financial responsibility.

Amein Punjani

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Punjani is Chief Operating Officer of Amerit Fleet Solutions and a member of the Board of Directors. An original founder of the company, Mr. Punjani has more than 20 years of experience in quality management, workforce design and process optimization with Ernst & Young, AT&T as well as Fortune 500 companies from various industries. At the launch of Amerit Fleet Solutions Mr. Punjani led the successful effort to win one of one of the largest fleet maintenance contracts awarded in the industry. As COO, Mr. Punjani oversees field operations, safety & compliance, talent management & human resources, business integration and IT systems. He constantly promotes our Company Values of Safety, Customer focus, Ownership, Recognition and Excellence (SCORE).

Bob Brauer

Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Brauer leads the sales, marketing and customer experience teams at Amerit Fleet Solutions. With over 25 years of fleet industry experience, Bob was a Founder and Director of the Board of a nationwide fleet maintenance company, where Bob was responsible for operations and sales. This company was ultimately acquired by Amerit. Bob began his career at Ryder System, and over the course of 12 years, held a series of sales, sales management, and operation leadership roles. Mr. Brauer earned a Business degree from Washington State University.

Andrew Ptak

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Ptak is the Chief Information Officer of Amerit Fleet Solutions. He has over 30 years of experience in technology that includes innovation, large technology transformation, acquisitions, and global technology responsibilities. Beginning his career as a teacher, he moved into technology where he provided solutions for the financial services, manufacturing, retail, and transportation sectors. He brings 12 years of senior technology leadership experience within the transportation and fleet services industry. Mr. Ptak is committed to ensuring that technology enables Amerit to provide excellent services to their customers as well as to the industry through innovation and product leadership. He has a special interest in data analytics and the insights that it can provide to improve fleet operations, asset management and safety. Mr. Ptak is an alumnus of Northern Illinois University.

Matt Tachouet

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Tachouet brings nearly 25 years of finance leadership experience, most of which is in logistics services and supply chain. He has served in a variety of finance roles, such as CFO, VP of Finance, and Chief Accounting Officer, and Corporate Controller in companies ranging from national middle-market logistics providers to global Fortune 500. Mr. Tachouet has experience with companies backed by public and private equity and venture capital. Mr. Tachouet was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, is a CPA, and holds degrees from the University of Oregon and Johns Hopkins University.

Natalie Kathain

Chief Human Resources Officer

Natalie Kathain serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer and is responsible for driving our human resources strategy, developing talent, cultivating employee engagement and communications, and overseeing safety and compliance programs. Ms. Kathain is also leading our first ever Environmental, Social, and Governance Plus Customer initiative and is the first C-level female executive at Amerit, marking much progress for our company and the industry. Ms. Kathain holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Karen Vinton

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Business Development and Customer Experience

Ms. Vinton has over 25 years of experience in marketing, business development and customer experience for both business-to-business and consumer products companies. Beginning her career in communications and account management, she brings a diverse and customer-centric perspective to all marketing and business development strategies for Amerit. Focused on building customer engagement programs that deliver tangible value to Amerit and their clients, Ms. Vinton leads her team with a relentless commitment to excellence and integrity. Ms. Vinton is an alumnus of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Andy Freeman

Executive Vice President of Operations

Over his 25 year career, Mr. Freeman has led global sales and operations teams for Fortune 500 companies and has delivered exceptional results in areas of focused growth with large multinational clients. Mr. Freeman specializes in building programs and strategies to effectively scale commercial organizations, and cultivating new customer relationships. He brings industry experience in Oil & Gas, Power, Retail, and Transportation market segments. Mr. Freeman graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Spanish.