What to Search for In a Fleet Maintenance Vendor

At Amerit we have built our reputation as the most trusted and respected fleet maintenance vendor in the country by going beyond simply fixing trucks. More than just a fleet vendor, Amerit is your strategic partner for improving uptime, compliance and the performance of your fleet.

The Amerit difference rests in three key areas: Custom-built service programs, World-class safety and compliance programs, and an Account Management team that is second to none. 

Custom-built Service Programs

Our custom-built service programs are structured around three core offerings: Mobile Service CentersFleet Service Centers and On-Site Workforce Solutions. While our core offerings can be used independently of one another, as a fleet maintenance vendor, we know that not all fleets have the same needs. Which is why each of our service solutions can be used independently, or cohesively, to address the custom needs of your fleet. 

Our ability to customize service solutions is imperative to improving uptime, compliance and the performance of your fleet. At Amerit, we pride ourselves in being more than your fleet maintenance vendor. As a strategic partner, our maintenance programs go beyond those of simple vendors. We take a long-term approach and identify your fleet’s goals and objectives. After we have established your maintenance goals, we set up metrics on KPIs and track, measure and monitor the progress we’re making to achieve those goals.

World-class Safety and Compliance Programs

At Amerit, our safety programs are designed to protect our technicians and mitigate risk for our clients. 

One of our core focuses is on our Proactive Safety Measures. In developing and enforcing our best-in-class safety practices, we developed a set of Proactive Safety Measures based on the realization that there are things we can do to make the workplace safer. These measures can be applied right away, on almost every location or remote work site, to start contributing to a proactively safer work environment. 

Beyond incident reports and lost time accidents, when a garage is clean, organized and safe, technicians are able to perform their work faster and with greater accuracy and quality. This leads to reduced downtime and increased performance for your fleet.

In addition to a world-class safety program, Amerit also focuses on full compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. Compliance with DOT regulations and improved CSA scores is directly related to a strong PM program which undoubtedly keeps fleet vehicles, drivers, companies and communities safe and strong.

Account Management

Whether your fleet has one location or many, your Customer Success Manager is the single point of contact for all of your needs. Beyond daily oversight, they will track your data, update you on a regular basis, spot trends and bring you cost savings and improvement ideas. 

More than just a fleet maintenance vendor, our account management team is your ally and strategic partner for improving uptime, compliance and the performance of your fleet.

Five Critical Questions To Ask A Potential Fleet Service Provider:

While there are more than 5 critical questions to ask a potential fleet service provider, at Amerit we believe asking these questions can lead to important conversations and help you make an informed decision for your fleet.

First, how does the fleet service provider manage safety and risk? 

Safety and risk management are incredibly important for fleet operations. Whether you’re looking to protect technicians or overall costs, how a fleet service provider manages safety should be a key focus of your partnership.

At Amerit, we have found ways to minimize our clients’ risk through progressive safety programs, positive communication and a continuous focus on safety. Each of our employees has a dedicated HR generalist who they can rely on for help and support and who also becomes an important conduit for safety information.

In addition, we invest heavily in safety and risk training at the technician level, through online education programs provided through our custom training portal.

Second, how will the fleet service provider bring frequent quality improvement and cost reduction to the fleet?

It’s important for your fleet to know what type of improvements will be made after the first year. Is this vendor going to just fix vehicles, or will they constantly bring new ideas to the fleet and offer to be a part of implementation and solutions?

Amerit’s partnerships with the largest and most sophisticated fleets in the country has resulted in significant key innovations in our service delivery and value-added offerings. We are always looking to bring new ideas and solutions to our customers and be part of the implementation of those ideas.

Third, how will the fleet service provider manage the transition?

If your fleet manages maintenance in-house, outsourcing for the first time might be difficult. If existing technicians are being retained, the provider must effectively manage communication and maintain stability among the retained employees. This is critical from the time changes are announced to the time the new vendor is ramped up. The last thing your fleet needs is a good technician taking a job elsewhere because they don’t know what the future holds. 

Amerit has a special team that works onsite with technicians. They explain processes in detail, provide information on benefits packages and employee standards, and answer any questions the technicians may have. At Amerit we take a hands-on approach to any and every transition.

Fourth, how will detailed information on services be captured? 

Technology is changing at rapid speeds, and while it’s important to keep up with latest and greatest technology, ensuring your fleet service provider is focused on capturing complete, accurate, real-time data is crucial to your operation.

Your fleet shouldn’t accept anything less than 100% accuracy and completeness on everything a fleet service provider does.

 Amerit provides custom KPI dashboards that allow its fleet clients to monitor, track and make critical decisions about their fleet. Not only does this provide essential data, it promotes transparency and trust with our customers, reminding them that they never lose visibility or control of their data or their fleet assets.

Fifth, how does the fleet service provider attract, develop and retain the best technicians in the industry?

Recruiting and retaining technicians is hard work. Asking a potential provider how they recruit, qualify and develop new channels to find talent will reveal whether or not your fleet can count on them to hire the right technicians for your needs.

With a team of full-time recruiters on staff, Amerit continues to invest heavily in recruiting, training technicians and encouraging current employees to obtain industry certifications. 

Retention is another area you should ask direct questions about. Turnover needs to be considered because it is disruptive to your teams and can impact your fleet’s performance.

At Amerit, we focus on making sure our technicians stay with us through offering industry leading benefits, a points-based rewards and recognition program, outstanding management and continual career development. 



With a nationwide team of maintenance experts, we can deliver world-class fleet maintenance programs wherever you need us.

Our reputation as the most trusted and respected fleet maintenance vendor in the country comes from our ability to do more than fix trucks. At Amerit, we take pride in being your strategic partner for improving uptime, compliance and the performance of your fleet.

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