Improve Profitability – Attain Real ROI & Perform Under Budget Year Over Year

The Situation: Investment in New Technology Requires New Comprehensive Maintenance Program

A forward-thinking, eco-friendly beverage company was looking to invest in alternative fuel equipment as part of a multi-location fuel efficiency, cost reduction and branding initiative. Also, prior to this “greening initiative”, they had realized their diesel fleet maintenance program was suffering, drastically limiting their profitability. As a result, a comprehensive maintenance program was identified as an integral part of their plan to switch to new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) assets. It also became clear that to optimize profitability, it was essential to change their mid-west location’s program by unbundling their full-service lease, allowing them to access the best in the business for maintenance, fuel, leasing and vehicles. The following issues were identified as requirements that any new plan needed to address:

  • High Mileage CNG Tractors: With a bold and forward-thinking program, the investment in brand new, clean energy units, freshly rolled off the assembly line, required expertise from individual partners, paired with the ability and desire to collaborate with other vendors, finds solutions and create efficiencies and savings.
  • Excessive Downtime >40%: Existing full-service lease provider was unable to optimize client’s maintenance program prior to the CNG vehicle investment.
  • Slow Response Time: Local maintenance provider was unresponsive, creating long downtimes due to their inability to source parts in a timely manner.

With these three large concerns, the fleet operations and procurement teams knew they had to find new partners to implement and maintain their new fleet and ensure that their ROI and Fuel efficiency goals were met.

The Amerit Solution: Fleet Service Center

After gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s objectives, needs and goals, Amerit was confident that their Fleet Service Center platform was the ideal solution to this fleet’s needs. They opened a dedicated, CNG Compliant FSC in close proximity to the client’s facility, providing trained and certified CNG specialist technicians, managers, processes and Fleet Management System. This unique approach to a maintenance shop focused on rapid turnaround, professional customer care, flexible service schedules and comprehensive high-quality services. Amerit’s solution included:

  • Parts Sourcing: Based on Amerit’s national reach, leveraging a vast network of vendors, Amerit obtained the best quality, availability and priced parts for its clients.
  • Reduced Outside Spend: In addition to comprehensive services that limited use of expensive third-party vendors, Amerit would provide all tooling, service vehicles and facilities the fleet required.
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI): The client’s new CNG vehicles rolled right off the assembly line and into Amerit’s standardized PDI process, where each unit was tested for fitness and upfit prior to being delivered to the company.
  • CNG Compliance: The FSC was staffed with technicians trained and qualified to perform all required CNG maintenance and repairs. The facility was also custom built to meet all local, state and federal regulations governing the storage, handling and maintenance of compressed natural gas vehicles.
  • Shuttle Transportation: Certified technician on staff with CDL to transport assets between the FSC location and the main facility.
  • On-Site Repairs: Amerit was able to decrease loss of uptime from transporting vehicles by being onsite at start-up, tackling some routine repairs and maintenance at the location, if needed.
  • Transparent Reporting and Analysis: Amerit provided a dedicated account manager to track the program’s KPI data, monitor trends and proactively deliver recommendations for (future) cost saving opportunities

The Results: A Trusted Partner

After Amerit was awarded the mid-west CNG maintenance program, the client noticed immediate positive results in their fleet performance. The team was able to provide consistent savings, without sacrificing quality, by implementing best-in-class processes to address the ongoing and future maintenance needs of the fleet.

Additionally, Amerit’s willing and continuous collaboration with all OEM and outside vendors enables Amerit to remain ahead of all industry updates, changes, enhancements and processes, ensuring effective and efficient maintenance processes.

Program results include:

  • 100% PM currency
  • 100% DOT compliance
  • 99% vehicle uptime (as related to maintenance)

Established as a reliable and trustworthy partner, Amerit continues to monitor parts usage and inventory levels on a daily basis, providing further cost saving recommendations to the client.

  • Decreased cost of spark plugs by 18%.
  • Advised switching to different brand of tires to increase longevity, better wear, higher quality and lower cost.

The Road Forward – A Strategic Partner

As a committed, collaborative and professional fleet maintenance organization, our fundamental mission is to do whatever it takes to keep your fleet rolling. More than simply turning wrenches and submitting invoices, Amerit becomes your fleet’s strategic ally, reducing costs and downtime while keeping your fleet rolling and safe, on the road generating revenue where it belongs.