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On Site Fleet Services: World-Class Maintenance Operations For Your Garage.

Whether you need to start up a new location quickly, improve an existing location, or focus resources on your core business, we will deliver turnkey workforce solutions with top-tier, qualified technicians and management, nationwide.

Flexible and Responsive.

Like all of our solutions, our On-Site Workforce Solutions are flexible and responsive to your needs. Do you want a comprehensive solution that incorporates top-tier technicians, nationwide management, and FMS KPI data and tracking? No problem. Your management, our technicians? No problem. Need help in augmenting your current team from our best-in-class recruiters? We can handle that too.


Our world-class team of technicians and managers will focus on running your shop and keeping your fleet rolling, freeing you from the burdens of recruiting, training and managing the team, as well as OSHA and other risks.

  • Top-Tier Technicians
  • Reduce Costs
  • Mitigate Risks
  • Maintain Visibility

An Extension of Your Team.

We hire technicians and managers to fit the needs of your fleet. Their expertise in daily operations, reporting and quality of work will ensure your garage and fleet are running at top efficiency.

Eliminate Costly 3rd Party Spend.

Our on-site workforce is staffed with the right number of techs that have the right skill sets to handle all the needs of your fleet in-house, reducing costs and downtime.

Compliance is Covered.

Alleviate the pain of OSHA, HAZMAT and other workplace safety risks. We handle the range of responsibilities it takes to run a safe garage, protecting you and your fleet.

Clarity and Control Without Hassle.

We handle the daily operations of the garage, but you never lose control or visibility. All data is captured according to your needs, in your FMS or ours, and available for review through our KPI dashboards that enable you to track, measure and monitor what is important to you.

Case Studies.

See how Amerit's fleet solutions have improved uptime and fleet performance for a wide range of clients.

Improving Uptime

A Fleet Attains Real ROI, Performing Under Budget YoY

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Nationwide Supplier

How one of the largest fleets in the country improved operations

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Focus on the bigger picture tasks for your business. We handle onsite fleet maintenance better than anyone else in the industry.

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