Integrating The Data Stream

Fleet Maintenance Data –

How To Integrate The Data Stream

Technology continues to change the ways fleet monitor vehicle routes, track mileage and measure vehicle maintenance.

Knowing how to track, measure and monitor quality fleet maintenance data can play a key role in improving operations. At Amerit, we help fleets manage and integrate fleet maintenance data with other data sources to make improvements to their maintenance operations.


The simple answer is by combining the maintenance data from our technicians with operational data, like mileage from a fuel card or telematics. The fleet maintenance data can then be used to monitor demand repairs and see how closely these repairs are done after a regular PM.

Another example of how we can help your fleet integrate data is to identify quality suppliers and warranties. Integrating fleet maintenance data with an FMS’ parts model can be helpful in monitoring parts failure frequency. Additionally, it can help inform parts purchasing decisions relating to quality and identifying best practices and quality suppliers for procurement.

Impact to Operations and Costs

Businesses can use fleet maintenance data to positively impact their overall operations and costs. Using fleet maintenance data correctly can provide insights to uptime and the overall life cycle of the fleet vehicles.

At Amerit we provide our clients with dashboards to allow real-time tracking of maintenance. These dashboards are available in real-time, and often are used by our clients to monitor maintenance costs per vehicle, track labor hours and other KPIs, spot trends, and create action plans for future cost-saving measures and improvements to operations.

At Amerit we commonly track and self-report performance of SRTs (Standard Repair Times), task repeats, component repeats and vehicle repeats. Our reports offer our clients powerful insights and control over their maintenance spend. This provides even greater opportunity to analyze maintenance operations at new levels and make decisions that will increase efficiency.


We understand better than anyone at Amerit that the success of our client’s fleets is largely based on the success and efficiency of their maintenance operations. That’s why we use fleet maintenance data to support, and improve overall operations, while reducing maintenance costs.

With a national team of maintenance experts across the country, our team is ready to support your fleet whenever and wherever you need it.

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