Mobile Centers – Amerit’s Electric MSC

We have launched the next generation in mobile fleet maintenance – the new EVolution Mobile Service Center (MSC). Our new mobile centers are designed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and advance our electric vehicle maintenance and support services.

Introducing Electric Mobile Centers

The EVolution MSC is a fully electric and zero emissions mobile center, a collaborative effort with Phoenix Motorcars, to allow Amerit technicians to provide maintenance and repairs for electric vehicles, charging hardware, and ICE vehicles side-by-side.

Demonstrating our commitment to supporting EV fleets and reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions, we’re also announcing a standing order to purchase EVolution MSCs from Phoenix Motorcars that will go into service in 2022.

The Need for Electric Mobile Fleet Maintenance

 “The EVolution MSC is an important innovation from Amerit that is uniquely designed to support blended fleets,” said CEO Dan Williams, “Electrification is a powerful trend affecting fleets across the country. Amerit is committed to providing innovative, best-in-class solutions that supports fleets as they electrify.”

 The EVolution’s battery power is designed to support a full shift, powering all tools and equipment through the night, and returning to the technician’s home in the morning. Additionally, the EVolution mobile maintenance services will include rescue missions. The EVolution MSC is capable of drawing from its own on-board battery packs to provide 5-10 miles of charged to a downed EV, enabling the vehicle to be driven to a charging station or back to the fleet location.

Nationwide Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Support Services

As we continue to incorporate EV units into our mobile fleet services, we’re thrilled to announce in addition that we’ve partnered with leading EV manufacturers to offer nationwide electric vehicle maintenance and support services.

We’ve created the Amerit EV Anywhere nationwide service program and the EV Ready technician training program. These two programs will create a nationwide footprint of certified technicians trained to provide maintenance and repairs for the coming influx of electric vehicle fleets.

The Amerit EV Ready program works in partnership with OEMs to train our technicians in top markets across the country, providing rapid scalability for OEMs and essential support for fleets as they electrify. EV Readytechnicians will be certified to provide warranty support and repairs for EVs and charging hardware, ensuring fleets have the essential services they will need as they increase the number of electric vehicles in use across the country.

“We are committed to using our industry experience and talented technician staff to become the preeminent EV repair and maintenance leader across the country,” says CEO Dan Williams, “EV is the future, and we will continue to provide best-in-class services and solutions to current and future customers as they make the switch.”


As a leader in mobile centers, mobile fleet services, and fleet maintenance, we are excited and ready to leverage our partnerships with OEMs and our nationwide footprint to support fleets as they transition into electric vehicle fleets. We know the transition will take time, and while you’re transitioning, we’ll be here to support each one of your assets, side-by-side.

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To read the full press release on our new Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Programs, please click this link.

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