As the leader in world class fleet maintenance services, safety is behind everything we do. One of the really big things that we focus on is what we call Proactive Safety Measures. In developing and enforcing best-in-class safety practices across our organization, we developed a set of Proactive Safety Measures based on the realization that there are important things that we, and other companies, can do right away that proactively make workplaces safer. These actions don’t have to be large scale, expensive tactical programs. In fact, some of the simplest safety measures are the most effective. Let me give you an example that we put into practice a while ago- a “Risk Check”.

A Risk Check is an Amerit home-baked safety measure that harnesses the power of the simple practice of engaging our fleet maintenance technicians, in person, and asking “What is it that’s going to get you hurt today”.

The actual question each manager asks varies, but they all probe into something that creates a risk for. For example, one may ask “Who is the person working in the shop that’s most likely to get hurt today and why?” or “What is the most dangerous operation that we’re going to perform today?” The important thing here is to ask a question that is designed to engage the people at the ground level and get them thinking about what could get them hurt today.

We know from experience that when we engage people with a question, it sticks in their mind. And while we found that they don’t necessarily have great answers for us the first time we ask it, the second time, the third time and every time thereafter, they’re prepared for the question. They are prepared because now they are thinking about it as they’re going about their day.

It is also important to note that repetition is a key to success here as well. As is being sincere in your approach and following through to correct any issues that are identified.

An engaged and aware workforce is a safe workforce. With repetition and reinforcement, we have found that our Risk Check program has resulted in fewer work place accidents and injuries this year.

Safety First Is The Road To Success!

Be Safe,

Peter Souza


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