Keeping your fleet in peak condition can be a daunting task. However, outsourcing your fleet’s maintenance can result in fewer headaches, long-term cost savings, reduced risk and reduced downtime. 

Let’s look at five ways your fleet can benefit from outsourcing maintenance. 

1. Reduce Downtime

The key to increasing uptime is scheduling maintenance when and where you need it. Performing services during routine downtimes is the most effective way of eliminating downtime for routine services. For example, if a vehicle is available at night, technicians should be available to service them at night. If your fleet only comes home on the weekends, then the technicians should be working weekends. Amerit’s technicians work around the clock, and many are completely nocturnal because the fleet they service is down at night.

In some cases, our technicians are working in remote locations, providing services on-site. If your fleet is located in a remote area, having a service provider come directly to you will eliminate expensive drive time and downtime. The Amerit Mobile Service Center is purpose-built for the fleet it serves, and the perfect solution for fleet vehicles that require services on-site or in remote locations.

2. Mitigate Risk

Let’s face it, a garage is a dangerous place. You spend considerable funds, time and manpower ensuring that your vehicles and drivers are moving down the road as safely as possible – but what about your technicians? Are technicians following all OSHA and HAZMAT requirements? Is your company protected from workplace injuries and lawsuits? Are you investing in training technicians and ongoing safety programs to keep your fleet, your drivers, your community and your company safe from risks and injuries?

As an organization, we do all of these things; because a successful garage is a safe garage. Outsourcing your fleet maintenance to Amerit will reduce your risk to exposure, increase awareness and safety and could potentially save you money through accident-prevention. 

3. Buying Power

Many parts providers offer discounts for customers who buy parts in significant volume, which is why outsourcing maintenance with a provider with national relationships can benefit your fleet.

Leveraging our size and nationwide scope, Amerit has successfully negotiated deep discounts from national parts vendors and pass these savings directly along to our clients. As a nationwide maintenance provider, we have significant buying power. We’re able to help our clients save on parts, fluids, tires and other costly items. 

4. Flexibility

Many companies run lean fleets with few or no back-up vehicles. This requires vehicles to be back on the road as soon as possible after a repair or PM. Being able to predict how long your truck will be down for service is often the critical factor in whether or not you have enough trucks to make your routes or not. 

We understand that flexibility is key in reducing vehicle downtime. Which is why we offer multiple solutions for optimized flexibility. Whether you’re dealing with a surge in business during peak season or expanding your fleet – between our Fleet Service Centers, Mobile Service Centers and On-Site Workforce, we can customize a solution that works best for your fleet, whenever and wherever you need us.  

5. Quality Technicians

While immediate costs such as labor and parts are important factors to consider, it is crucial that the technicians making repairs are doing so in a productive and efficient manner. The faster the service, the quicker your vehicles and your drivers will be back on the clock. However, it’s important to make sure you’re not sacrificing quality for productivity. It’s essential that the repairs are done correctly, that they adhere to quality metrics and meet or beat Standard Repair Times. 

Another key to quality is that the technicians must be motivated and provide top quality work. Low-skilled, unmotivated technicians often misdiagnose problems, leading to higher costs from unnecessary work and parts. In addition, technicians need to be qualified to perform the necessary maintenance for your fleet. If they are not, you end up outsourcing more difficult repairs, which drives up labor rates, extends downtime and decreases repair productivity. 

At Amerit, we staff each location with technicians that have all of the skills required to maintain your fleet and keep it in top condition. But that doesn’t mean every location only has Master Certified Technicians – we specialize in optimizing fleet performance and delivering tremendous value by building teams tailored to fit the needs, and hours, of your fleet. 

Keeping your fleet in peak condition can be challenging and very stressful. Outsourcing your fleet maintenance with Amerit can help you reduce downtime, mitigate risk, efficiently buy parts, offer flexibility and add quality technicians to your team. 

At Amerit, our reputation is built on being the country’s most professional, dependable, trustworthy and hard-working partner. Our solutions design team will work with you to create customized fleet maintenance and repair solutions that fit your needs, your locations, your schedule, your fleet. 

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