Having a world-class safety program means having the highest quality, most effective, and cutting-edge initiatives that move the incident rate towards zero. It requires continuous improvements and should also be measurable.

At Amerit, we do more than preach safety- we live it every day in the expectations we set and how we act. Our world-class safety program is built on the following 8 critical elements that are proven, tried and true.

8 elements to a world-class safety program:

  1. Have a clear safety policy that defines expectations of all employees.
  2. Conduct regular safety training. This time is budgeted.
  3. Have standards for the condition of our facilities.
  4. Have a hazard reporting system that accepts input from all employees- an engaged workforce is a safe workforce.
  5. Conduct observations of people’s actions, working conditions and promote improvement through positive interaction.
  6. Investigate all reports of accidents, injuries, near misses and hazards.
  7. Take swift action anytime there is an opportunity to make the company safer. 8. Collaborate with employees with daily tool box talks and weekly safety meetings.

While leadership buy-in is a critical first step, developing a successful safety program and culture is built on the joint efforts of all organization individuals, on a day-to-day basis. When used together, the above initiatives will help build your program’s foundation, but requires patience. Implementing a safety plan needs time to take effect and won’t be resolved overnight.


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