Integrating The Data Stream

Fleet Maintenance Data – How To Integrate The Data Stream Technology continues to change the ways fleet monitor vehicle routes, track mileage and measure vehicle maintenance. Knowing how to track, measure and monitor quality fleet maintenance data can play a key role in improving operations. At Amerit, we help fleets manage and integrate fleet maintenance […]

Reduce Costs with a Single Source Provider

Now more than ever, fleets are looking to reduce costs. Whether that means deferring non-essential repairs, delaying new asset investments or cutting maintenance staff, no cost-saving measure is implemented easily or without careful consideration. But one cost-saving measure is unlike any other; rather than targeting reductions in internal resources, fleet managers should look to consolidating […]

Outsourcing Fleet Maintenance to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Outsourcing fleet maintenance with Amerit can reduce costs, improve uptime and increase the efficiency of your fleet.  At Amerit, we have found that even fleets with well-run maintenance programs have areas that are problematic. Challenges may stem from growth into new markets, poor services from 3rd party vendors or difficulties in recruiting qualified technicians. Amerit’s […]

In-House Maintenance Vs Outsourced Fleet Maintenance

Experienced fleet professionals who manage large, multi-location or transient fleets may have great in-house maintenance shops, however, even the best run programs can benefit from outsourcing to a qualified maintenance provider. In-house maintenance Vs Outsourced fleet maintenance If you find yourself experiencing any of the below situations, it may be time to consider outsourcing your […]