Reduce Costs with a Single Source Provider

Now more than ever, fleets are looking to reduce costs. Whether that means deferring non-essential repairs, delaying new asset investments or cutting maintenance staff, no cost-saving measure is implemented easily or without careful consideration.

But one cost-saving measure is unlike any other; rather than targeting reductions in internal resources, fleet managers should look to consolidating their vendor pool to achieve cost reductions.

As the leading nationwide single-source supplier of fleet maintenance services, we have unique insights into the benefits and process of vendor consolidation. And many large, distinguished fleets have already trusted us to become their single source supplier for comprehensive maintenance services for all of their assets across the country.

While consolidating vendors can be a dauting process – the cost savings brought to our clients after implementing our services are impressive.

Let’s learn more about how consolidating vendors can reduce overall costs.


Eliminate Expensive Third-Party Vendors

One way to reduce costs is to eliminate spend with expensive third-party vendors. Outsourcing highly specialized maintenance to a third party can be costly.

One of our clients was previously spending millions of dollars paying for highly specialized technicians to perform services. Our solution? Consolidate vendors.

We hired highly specialized technicians to perform the same services in-house with the rest of our team. Not only did our client save millions of dollars, but we also cut the bill rate for these unique services in half.

With a national infrastructure and a dedicated corporate recruiting team, we have the resources to consolidate your vendors and reduce maintenance costs for your fleet.


Unified Buying Power

When your fleet works with multiple vendors throughout the United States, controlling costs of  parts, oil, filters and fluids can be a hassle. Not only do prices fluctuate from region to region, but with each group buying in reduced quantities, the buying power is diluted.

At Amerit we leverage our national infrastructure to negotiate the best prices on oil, filters, fluids and more, and we pass those savings along to you.


Identifying Risk

Consolidating vendors can present great risk, but it can also present great reward. At Amerit, our experience has shown that a strong implementation plan, and detailed communication, can provide the confidence a fleet needs to consolidate vendors. Here’s what we suggest for all of our prospects and clients:

  • Check references – past success is the best indicator of future performance.
  • Ask pointed questions – how was the consolidation process executed? How did the supplier handle communication? Did they actually bring the cost savings that they presented? Etc.
  • Determine the service areas – many vendors have a strong footprint in one area, but not others. Will their existing infrastructure match the needs of your entire fleet?
  • Pay attention to the implementation process – will the vendor share a thorough, detailed implementation process with you every step of the way?
  • Run a pilot in a tough location – even the most thoroughly vetted supplier can leave you with a few doubts. The best way to overcome this doubt is to run a pilot in a tough location and see if the chosen vendor lives up to their claims or not.
  • Identify success – be sure to clearly identify what success looks like and then hold your vendor accountable. If they succeed, you can be confident they will do so in all of your locations.



At Amerit, we have built our reputation of being the country’s most professional, dependable, trustworthy and hard-working partner through our singular focus on doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else – National Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services.

We know that consolidating vendors can reduce costs for your fleet, and we want to help.

As the most trusted and respected team of fleet maintenance professionals in the country, we leverage our nationwide infrastructure to create maintenance service solutions wherever you need them.

To speak with a member of our team please request a quote or call 855-832-9922.