Why On-Site Fleet Maintenance

Whether you need to start up a new location quickly, improve an existing location, or focus resources on your core business, on-site fleet maintenance may be the answer to your maintenance problems. On-site fleet maintenance is rapidly growing in popularity due to the benefits it can provide, which include reducing costs, saving time and maintaining visibility with data.

Reducing Costs

One way this fleet maintenance program can reduce costs is through the elimination of expensive third-party spending. Outsourcing certain aspects of fleet maintenance to specialty providers can quickly inflate your budget due to driver overtime, transportation costs, longer vehicle downtime, labor and parts. Amerit’s on-site fleet maintenance programs eliminate these concerns through proper staffing levels and skills training, ensuring all your fleet maintenance is performed on-site, saving you time and money. 

Saving Time

Performing on-site fleet maintenance also saves time. With Amerit’s program, your drivers no longer have to spend valuable time shuttling vehicles or waiting for services to be complete. Instead, you can utilize more scheduled downtime for routine maintenance and repairs. 

Another benefit is technician availability. Having qualified technicians with the right skill set, and scheduled during routine downtime ensures that your fleet and drivers are on the road when you expect them to be. When your drivers go home, Amerit’s maintenance team goes to work. When your drivers return to their vehicles the next day, they’re ready to go. 

Finally, on-site fleet maintenance can save you time with documentation. Updating PMs or unplanned maintenance into your maintenance records from another garage can be time consuming. Amerit’s program provides you with trained technicians that enter all maintenance data directly into your customized FMS or other documentation system. 

Maintaining Visibility With Data

Raw data is critical but can bury fleet managers in laborious analysis unless the provider supplies the analytic tools and expertise to help them cut through the clutter, see the detail and the trends that drive informed decisions. 

Amerit’s fleet maintenance program provides dashboards that allow its fleet clients to monitor, track, and make decisions about their fleet. The dashboards show data detail by location, by vehicle, and by region for a large number of client-determined maintenance key performance indicators (KPIs), including cost per vehicle, PM currency, and actual labor hours. 

These dashboards are available in real time through a customer portal and are used by fleet clients and their account managers to monitor Amerit’s performance, spot trends, and create action plans for further reductions in cost and improvements in operations.


At Amerit, we understand the need for on-site fleet maintenance programs. Every one of our solutions is designed and customized for our clients’ fleet needs. Our solutions design team works with you to create customized fleet maintenance repair solutions that fits your needs, your locations, your schedule, your fleet. 

We never lose sight of the fact that you have everything riding on your fleet – public safety, customer satisfaction, profitability. That’s why we are unwavering in our commitment to excellence – in services, in workmanship, and in value. 

We work tirelessly to help reach your goals and improve your fleet, because we understand that every moment your assets are down, you’re losing revenue. To speak with a member of our team call 1 (855) 832-9922 or visit our website at