4 Ways to Get Started with Fleet Maintenance Data

maintenance dataWhen all of the raw fleet maintenance data information comes streaming down the pipeline, it’s time to start looking at how it can benefit your organization. There are four common first steps to effectively utilize this data to cut costs and reduce downtime:

1. Identify Overlooked Systems: Something as simple as an underinflated tire can lead to unnecessary costs and fuel overspend. Be sure to keep an eye on the basics: tire pressure, engine fluid levels, etc. Ignoring the basics can lead to expensive downtime.

2. Alter the Preventive Maintenance Schedule: Your entire fleet will not follow the same PM schedule, especially for fleets with a wide range of vehicle model years. Make sure to increase service for older vehicles, since their components have a greater likelihood to need replacement. Also, remember to check all your filters, air intake system components, and keep changing your oil at the required and recommended intervals. If needed, you can always outsource fleet maintenance to keep up.

3. Check Driver Behavior: An improperly trained driver can significantly raise the fleet’s risk and liability profile. Aside from risky behaviors increasing the possibility of an accident, aggressive driving behaviors can cost you in fuel and prematurely worn components, such as brakes. Information on fuel economy, coupled with wear and tear observed by the technician, can identify the consequences of aggressive driving behaviors, such as rapid acceleration and hard braking by drivers.

4. Allow for Automation: By going “electronic,” you can reduce confusion caused by mountains of paperwork. Communication on PMs, work orders or current downed vehicles can be sent electronically, easily accessible on a number of platforms. You can also reduce your on-hand supply/equipment costs, allowing you to stock only what is needed.

And this is just the beginning. Additional items can be added to the list as the data stream matures and the needs and priorities of the fleet changes.

Work with Your Provider

As fleet managers wrestle with the ever-increasing flow of fleet maintenance data, they need to keep in mind that they don’t have to do so on their own. Amerit has the expertise and resources necessary to not only identify and gather all-important maintenance data through its highly qualified service technicians, but can also help turn this information into actionable intelligence that will benefit every aspect of the enterprise.


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