Reliable Fleet Services

fleet vehicle transporting goods

What makes for reliable fleet services? We believe reliable fleet services can be achieved with thorough planning, high standards, and quality of work.   THOROUGH PLANNING Planning for Preventative Maintenance “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This adage is a tried-and-true concept in fleet maintenance and repairs. A thorough, thoughtful fleet maintenance plan will […]

Improve Profitability – Attain Real ROI & Perform Under Budget Year Over Year

The Situation: Investment in New Technology Requires New Comprehensive Maintenance Program A forward-thinking, eco-friendly beverage company was looking to invest in alternative fuel equipment as part of a multi-location fuel efficiency, cost reduction and branding initiative. Also, prior to this “greening initiative”, they had realized their diesel fleet maintenance program was suffering, drastically limiting their […]

Increasing Uptime Through Amerit’s Central Purchasing Team

We are all familiar with the problem – as the economy heats up demand is outpacing supply. Today, supply chain shortages are impacting every industry across the United States, including the automotive and transportation industries. Vehicles, tires, and literally everything in-between are in high demand but short supply. These shortages are not only preventing maintenance […]