Fleet Maintenance Compliance: Protecting Our Community from COVID-19

The health and safety of your employees, our employees, and the general public is our first priority, always. Amerit has led the industry with a very detailed and thorough COVID-19 safety program. While we continue to actively review and update our procedures according to the latest CDC guidelines, state and local regulations and industry best […]

4 Key Safety Leadership Beliefs

Imagine standing on the doorstep of a co-worker’s family, trying to break the news of a serious injury or death- most are not prepared for that moment, yet it happens. In 2016 there were tens of thousands of fatal motor vehicle crashes, more than 5,000 workplace fatalities and 2.9 million workplace injuries. Chances are, you […]

Safety Violations Should Never Be Normalized

Does this picture make you shudder? It should. This is a real photograph, not staged or manipulated in any way. It represents a very dangerous safety violation and pattern of behavior called normalization of deviance. Normalization of deviance: As a safety term was first applied by Dr. Diane Vaughan in her analysis of the space shuttle […]

Preventive Maintenance: More than an Oil Change

Regular preventive maintenance is key to the performance of your fleet and to keep downtime low. Amerit Fleet Solutions outlines some misconceptions and rules to live by when it comes to understanding that preventive maintenance includes far more than just an oil change. When talking with prospective clients our team often hears the same question […]