Fleet Maintenance Compliance: Protecting Our Community from COVID-19

The health and safety of your employees, our employees, and the general public is our first priority, always.

Amerit has led the industry with a very detailed and thorough COVID-19 safety program. While we continue to actively review and update our procedures according to the latest CDC guidelines, state and local regulations and industry best practices, our safety protocol is extensive, covering all areas of prevention and care for effective fleet maintenance compliance.


  • Amerit is currently adhering to more than 75 different federal, state and local government orders that require the public use of face masks, social distancing, and other safety protocols.
  • In compliance with updated CDC guidelines, Amerit is distributing more than 4,000 face masks to essential field employees for use when outside the home and in the workplace.
  • In the event there is suspected contamination in the home or workplace, our program follows CDC recommendations for quarantining, cleaning and preventing future spread.


  • All employees have been educated on actions to promote personal safety, including social distancing, hand washing, routine home cleaning and disinfecting, wearing face coverings, etc.
  • Our program also has a thorough 20 point action plan that addresses cleaning and disinfecting households and/or the workplace that is suspected to have been contaminated by COVID-19.
  • Amerit has instituted a workplace cleaning and disinfecting policy that requires the workplace to be cleaned three times during each shift. In order to ensure this schedule is adhered to, Amerit employees and locations have received more than 2,000 gallons of cleaning and disinfecting supplies that meet the CDC requirements for killing the COVID-19 virus.
  • To ensure the safety of our team, and yours, we take the following steps to ensure fleet maintenance compliance when receiving and returning all vehicles to service:
    • Place disinfecting wipes in Ziplock bag to preserve the contents of the wipe while traveling to client facility.
    • Prior to repair, wipe down critical touch points with a towel containing an approved disinfectant – door handle (inner and outer), steering wheel, ignition switch, seat and A/C controls, arm rest, etc.
    • Prior to starting the engine, turn the HVAC system blower motor to the off position. If the repair requires the HVAC system to be operated, run on low speed with airflow directed to the windshield.
    • If wearing latex gloves, follow the same precautions exercised with bare hands – wash frequently and avoid contact with your face.
    • At the conclusion of each repair, wipe down critical touch points with a towel containing an approved disinfectant – door handle (inner and outer), steering wheel, ignition switch, seat and A/C controls, arm rest, etc. In the event the wipe remains wet at the conclusion of the wipe-down, use the excess to wipe down community tools or critical touch points in the garage.


  • Amerit has taken steps to accommodate employee schedules that have been impacted by school closures, promoting telecommuting where possibly, adjusting shift hours and moving some employees to lesser-staffed shifts in order to promote social distancing while at work.
  • We have procedures in place for addressing presumptive cases of infection and a protocol for responding to any positive tests. This includes the return of unaffected employees to work as quickly and safely as possible.
  • All employees are eligible for paid time off so they do not feel pressured to work if they become sick. Supporting quarantine recommendations is a critical step in protecting everyone.
  • Amerit believes in transparency and communication, particularly in these challenging times. We are conducting weekly live town-hall style webcasts, where Amerit employees are able to engage directly with company leadership to express concerns, ask questions and gain deeper understanding of the state of our company and our customers.

Amerit is recognized as an “essential business,” meaning we will continue to support our clients throughout the pandemic and ensure complete fleet maintenance compliance.  We’ll continue to monitor CDC recommendations around RTN (return to normal) policy, and as of today, we encourage employees to continue following CDC, state and local recommendations and regulations.

As the situation and policies change, we commit to providing updates and clarity as quickly as possible. We are proud of our team and confident in our ability to deliver, and we know that we will rise to this challenge. We thank you, our clients, for your partnership and the confidence that you have placed in us to maintain your fleet.

We hope that you all stay healthy.