Three Core Values of Every Successful Fleet Service Center

The three core values of every fleet service center are safety, teamwork and outstanding customer service.


In order for a fleet service center to be successful, safety must be a priority. Safety programs should encourage safe behavior and implement safe protocols throughout the fleet service center. When it comes to implementing safe protocols and procedures, consistency is key. Successful safety programs include:

  • The use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Technician and manager training
  • Management teams to monitor safety programs and protocols
  • Incident report training
  • Commitment to teamwork – a united effort of all employees to watch out for one another and keep the fleet service center operating as safely as possible


Fleet service centers are supported by many different individuals throughout an organization. Maintenance technicians, procurement teams, suppliers, IT support and administrative support all contribute to the successes or failures of a garage. No matter the number of vehicles a fleet service center supports, teamwork is critical.

Teamwork can directly impact the way a service center operates. Teams that work well together can service assets more quickly and more efficiently than teams who are not in sync. In addition, working together as a cohesive team leads to better reliability and safety measures, as well as excellent customer service.


Each fleet service center should be structured around the fleet it’s servicing. Customization and unique solutions are often prerequisites to providing outstanding customer service. Fleet service centers that value customer service work to maximize uptime, increase efficiency and productivity.


The three core values of every fleet service center are safety, teamwork and outstanding customer service. At Amerit, we have built our reputation as the nation’s most trusted, dependable and hard-working partner because we focus on these elements, along with others, to implement successful fleet service centers across the nation.

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