3 Steps To Fleet Maintenance Vendor Consolidation.

Overcoming the challenges and reaping the benefits.

While the benefits of consolidating vendors are undoubtedly large, the task itself can be daunting and is perceived to be full of risks. As the leading nationwide provider of fleet maintenance programs, the leaders of Amerit have extensive expertise in overcoming the challenges and pitfalls of vendor consolidation. One of the biggest problems fleets encounter is managing a large pool of vendors that lack consistency. This ultimately drives chaos.

But, when done right, full vendor consolidation brings the additional value of standardization, streamlined communication, enhanced supplier relationships, and improved data control and clarity. Other benefits to careful consolidation include a commitment to safety, a standardized PM program, and new guidelines to help Fleet Managers make better, informed decisions.

As the only nationwide fleet maintenance company focused on providing service solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your fleet, wherever it is, we have a unique insight into what it takes to consolidate your vendors into one single point of contact. Many large, well known fleets have turned to Amerit as their single source supplier for comprehensive services, for all their asset classes.

On the pages that follow Amerit’s CEO, Dan Williams,  COO, Amein Punjani and CCO, Bob Brauer have broken down the process of vendor consolidation into three steps, and provided their thoughts on the benefits, how to’s and the challenges of each stage.

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