The New Customer-Driven Garage Program from Amerit

WALNUT CREEK, CALIF. –  Amerit Fleet Solutions, a leader in the industry for innovative fleet maintenance services, announces the development of their latest solution: Amerit Fleet Service Centers. Driven by customer-specific requirements, the Fleet Service Center is focused on providing clients with comprehensive maintenance services, anywhere in the country.

This unique offering is motivated by frustrations of companies that are operating fleets in an outsourced multi-vendor environment. The Amerit Fleet Service Center eliminates the burden of multiple third-party providers, delivering high priority service and quality maintenance.

Focused on fulfilling the client’s specific fleet needs, the Fleet Service Center solution provides priority access and fast turn around times; a single source for all preventative maintenance and repairs; hours of operation that meet clients’ routine downtimes; a dedicated team of expert technicians; state-of-the-art diagnostics; and complete data capture and custom reporting.

“When we open an Amerit Fleet Service Center for a customer, the goal is for that garage to operate just like that customer’s in-house operations,” said Dan Williams, CEO of Amerit Fleet Solutions. “We want our clients to think of the Amerit Fleet Service Center as their own garage just down the street.”

The Amerit Fleet Service Center solution is gaining attention and momentum across many industries. Amerit is on track to launch over 20 Fleet Service Centers throughout the US before the close of 2014.

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