Fleet Services for Southwest US

WALNUT CREEK, CALIF. (April 18, 2016) Amerit announced today it will provide fleet services for southwest US clients, a freight and shipping company. Amerit will provide full scope maintenance and repair services the company’s fleet vehicles out of its Fleet Service Center, a purpose-built garage that provides dedicated services to a small number of local fleets.

Amerit’s fleet service centers are custom-built to support whatever our clients need. Able to service heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty vehicles, as well as electric fleet vehicles, BEVs, hybrid trucks, reefers, tractors, trailers, and more. Amerit is proud to offer fleet services for southwest US clients with this unique solution, to help them eliminate hassle, inconsistencies, and run around managing multiple local vendors. 

About Amerit

Amerit is the largest team of dedicated fleet maintenance and repair experts in the country. No other Fleet Maintenance Company can compare to our depth of knowledge and expertise in maintaining and managing the broad spectrum of vehicle classes and asset types, including alternative fuel vehicles and highly specialized equipment. By leveraging our nationwide footprint we create customer-driven service programs, leveraging best practices and processes to improve our clients’ fleet performance, profitability and uptime.

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