Amerit expands California fleet services with growing partnership with a multi-national trucking and logistics company.

In an effort to focus on their core business, the carrier company has outsourced its maintenance and repair needs to Amerit in its California locations, which requires additional California fleet services. The fleet will be supported by Amerit’s Fleet Service Centers and On-Site Mobile solutions.

The partnership with Amerit is driven by its ability to capture real-time data and provide accurate, complete metrics, enabling the client to benchmark operations against its in-house locations throughout the county.

“We are excited to be servicing one of the largest truckload carriers in North America,” said Bob Brauer, President at Amerit Fleet Solutions. “Our sole focus is on providing them with a solution that delivers real value and improves their fleet’s performance, while promoting their strategic goals.”

A unique company in the industry, Amerit’s expertise in workforce management and California regulations – specifically DOT and BIT compliance – alleviates the burdens and risks of running a shop in-house, while increasing customers’ uptime and minimizing their costs.


About Amerit Fleet Solutions

With over 100,000 vehicles and assets under contract in nearly 550 locations nationwide, Amerit Fleet Solutions is one of the largest providers of dedicated fleet maintenance and management services in the U.S. today, expanding our California fleet services enables us to be a better partner nationwide for each of our clients.

No other Fleet Maintenance Company can compare to our depth of knowledge and expertise in maintaining and managing the broad spectrum of vehicle and asset types, including alternative fuel vehicles; managing a diverse on-site workforce; creating customer-driven service programs and leveraging best practices in fleet services and processes to improve performance, profitability and uptime.

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