Anybody who has met Gary Herbold, CEO of KelleyAmerit Fleet Services and President and CEO of Amerit Consulting, will attest that he is a person of great compassion and generosity. His kindness and caring for our military veterans in need is legendary not only among those involved in veterans programs, but also among the hallowed halls of America’s greatest corporations.

Recently Gary, a disabled veteran himself, made a contribution to the Disabled Veteran Business Alliance that will launch their pilot program in support of Tommy’s Team.

Started by the legendary Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasorda, Tommy’s Team has at its heart one core mission: to assist veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury by providing them with the support, rehabilitation and mentoring necessary to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

“We appreciate Gary’s personal leadership in helping his fellow veterans and supporting our efforts with the Alliance to focus on specific needs.  Gary has raised the bar and hopefully other patriots will follow him,” said Tommy Lasorda when he recently hosted Gary and Mrs. Herbold at Dodger stadium.

Gary’s personal contribution, the largest to date, will jump start the pilot program that will build the framework of this entrepreneurship program for PTSD and TBI veterans. “As a disabled veteran, I am honored to be blessed with the ability to give back. PTSD and TBI veterans may be best served in their financial rehabilitation as entrepreneurs rather than employees. This is an exciting, worthwhile program and I invite corporate America to join me in giving back to those who have sacrificed so much for our country.”

Gary, Tommy Lasorda and all of those involved at the Disabled Veteran Business Alliance encourage you to support our veterans and their families in whatever way you can.

KelleyAmerit Fleet Services and Amerit Consulting are proud to be certified DVBE and SDVOB companies. Through the partnership and success of our clients we are able to continue our support of America’s Military Heroes who are in need. For more information about KelleyAmerit Fleet Services and Amerit Consulting please visit and