Walnut Creek, Calif. (October 15, 2013) — Amerit Fleet Solutions Mechanic Jack King recently risked his own well being to help rescue over 20 client vehicles and contain a fast spreading brush fire, which ultimately destroyed several homes on August 27 in Fairfield, Calif.

The seven-alarm fire, which started along I-80, quickly spread into a nearby facility of an Amerit client. With multiple vehicles and hazardous materials on the premises, King and a colleague, an employee of the client, reacted quickly and valiantly to save the facility and client assets.

“There were embers flying over the fences and into the facility,” said King. “Several bales of cardboard caught fire. We began moving the vehicles out of danger and hosing down the shop and HAZMAT area. Luckily, we were able to contain and control the area while firefighters arrived.”

On September 27, the Amerit Fleet Solutions Mechanic was awarded a certificate of honor for his courage and heroism. 

“Jack defines courage,” said Amein Punjani, Chief Operating Officer at Amerit Fleet Solutions. “His ability to think clearly and react quickly in the midst of disaster prevented the fire from spreading and potentially harming more homes, people and property.”

“He represents the type of character and dedication to the customer that we are proud to have at Amerit Fleet Solutions.”

When asked if he was scared, King humbly replied, “Yes.”


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