WALNUT CREEK, CALIF. (August 18, 2018) – The expansion of fleet maintenance for food and beverage company has been announced today by Amerit Fleet Solutions. We have expanded our maintenance solutions to an existing food and beverage customer in the midwest. This expansion will help provide fleet maintenance for a food and beverage company that Amerit has already been partnering with. This expansion shows the confidence in Amerit and our services. We will continue to provide full scope repair services to the company’s light duty and reefer assets via our Fleet Service Centers and Mobile Service Centers custom solutions. While we typically deploy multiple service offerings to support our large customers, Amerit is excited to contribute efficient fleet maintenance and repair services to support this customer. 

“We are pleased to continue improving our clients’ fleet operations with outstanding service, quality and savings through our customized maintenance programs.” said Dan Williams, CEO.

About Amerit

Amerit Fleet Solutions is a nationwide fleet maintenance provider. We work with all different asset classes, Class 1-8, as well as different vehicle types: ICE, EV, Hybrid, Plugins, etc. As technology continues to advance and introduce different assets into the market, as a nationwide fleet maintenance and repair service provider, we are staying equipped to service all asset classes and vehicle types. If you’d like to speak with a member of our team about your fleet maintenance needs, please talk to an expert.