Preparing Your Fleet for Peak Season

For many of our customers, the holiday season is peak season. During this time of year, the need for fast repairs and the number of units a customer can afford to have down changes significantly.

One way we handle the influx of work during peak season is to examine each of our locations and analyze the trend of downed units. Working directly with our customers, we discuss what the trend data is showing us and also gauge their needs for increased availability at peak demand.  We then develop a plan to achieve that goal, together.

We are able to meet our customer’s goals through several tactics that are unique to Amerit. First, we call upon our Special Forces Team to flex up the staff required to quickly get the fleet repaired and back into service.

Our Special Forces Team is our group of traveling, cream of the crop technicians. When you send a technician into a new work environment, they need to be able to adapt quickly to new processes, and new ways of conducting business. In addition, they need to have a very broad range of skills because the assets they work on change daily. This team is a highly qualified group of technicians that are self-motivated, reliable, enjoy problem solving and making an impact in situations that typically require a lot of hard work and long hours.

Another tactic we use to ensure our clients can meet the demands of peak season is to extend our maintenance hours. An operation might run six days a week, but during peak we run seven. Or, if our technicians typically begin working at 7 am, they will often start at 4 am instead.

Not only do we extend our hours for maintenance, but we track availability of vehicles on a daily basis. We use our systems to track vehicles over several months to see how it changes day by day. That gives us a really good sense of whether a fleet is predictable or highly variable. So, during peak season when you don’t have any room to make a mistake, we know exactly how many technicians need to be in one location to handle the increased workload.

Another key component to our success in peak season comes from understanding our customers’ needs. While some of our customers see peak season over the holidays, some of our clients, food and beverage companies for example, see peak in July. We’re able to flex services, hours and technicians up and down by leveraging resources from non-peak clients to those that are in peak periods.

Flexing up and down to handle fleets’ increased need for vehicle availability demonstrates the hallmarks Amerit has become known for- customer-service, flexibility and customized services. If the needs of our customers change, either permanently or temporarily, we change with them. We’re dedicated to building a solution that works for all of our customers, especially during peak season.