How to Convert Fleet Data Into Actionable Information

technician recording fleet data on a clipboard

Fleet data is key to every aspect of fleet operations, including monitoring, and measuring efficiency, safety, and maintenance. Every bit of fleet maintenance data is particularly valuable because it touches so many aspects of your operation. Maintenance data can be used to: Develop cost and warranty controls Manage lifecycles Improve preventative maintenance Maximize vehicle uptime […]

How To Set Up a Fleet Maintenance Program

Every fleet manager knows the basic components of a fleet maintenance program, but how to set up a fleet maintenance program is a different skillset entirely. While there is no one way to guarantee success, we believe these ten components should be top-of-mind in how to set up a fleet maintenance program. Create A Culture […]

Last Mile Fleet Maintenance: 7 Keys to Success

Whether you’re considering adding last mile delivery services or are already providing them to your customers, you’ll want to make sure your initiatives are set up for success.  Reliable fleet performance is essential as you manage this crucial part of the operation, and to win the “amazing delivery race”, you’ll need to get started much […]

Integrating The Data Stream

Fleet Maintenance Data – How To Integrate The Data Stream Technology continues to change the ways fleet monitor vehicle routes, track mileage and measure vehicle maintenance. Knowing how to track, measure and monitor quality fleet maintenance data can play a key role in improving operations. At Amerit, we help fleets manage and integrate fleet maintenance […]

Three Core Values of Every Successful Fleet Service Center

The three core values of every fleet service center are safety, teamwork and outstanding customer service. CORE VALUE #1: SAFETY In order for a fleet service center to be successful, safety must be a priority. Safety programs should encourage safe behavior and implement safe protocols throughout the fleet service center. When it comes to implementing […]

What to Search for In a Fleet Maintenance Vendor

At Amerit we have built our reputation as the most trusted and respected fleet maintenance vendor in the country by going beyond simply fixing trucks. More than just a fleet vendor, Amerit is your strategic partner for improving uptime, compliance and the performance of your fleet. The Amerit difference rests in three key areas: Custom-built service programs, […]

Preparing Your Fleet for Peak Season

For many of our customers, the holiday season is peak season. During this time of year, the need for fast repairs and the number of units a customer can afford to have down changes significantly. One way we handle the influx of work during peak season is to examine each of our locations and analyze […]

Improving Fleet Operations: Accuracy & Access to Maintenance Data

There’s little argument that in today’s fleet operations, data has become king and is the key element improving every aspect of fleet operations, including monitoring and measuring efficiency, safety and maintenance. But how do you gather crucial fleet maintenance data and integrate the information into the entire data stream to create intelligence that will improve […]

4 Ways to Get Started with Fleet Maintenance Data

When all of the raw fleet maintenance data information comes streaming down the pipeline, it’s time to start looking at how it can benefit your organization. There are four common first steps to effectively utilize this data to cut costs and reduce downtime: 1. Identify Overlooked Systems: Something as simple as an underinflated tire can […]

How To Evaluate Third Party Maintenance Providers

According to fleet maintenance expert Amerit Fleet Solutions, third party maintenance providers must focus on clearly defined quality measures, total cost transparency, and fast turnaround times. When outsourcing fleet maintenance operations, either for the first time or when searching for a new third party maintenance provider, fleet managers and senior executives should ask certain key […]