Prioritizing Fleet Maintenance Service To Improve Uptime, Reduce Costs, and Increase Operational Efficiency

Amerit technician performing fleet maintenance service

Prioritizing fleet maintenance service is critical to improving uptime, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiency for your fleet. Keeping your gas, diesel, CNG, work trucks and electric vehicles, as well as your trailers, refrigerated units and material handling equipment up and working can be a challenge. From ongoing preventative maintenance to unscheduled repairs, long wait […]

Choosing the Right Fleet Service Provider for Your National Program

Amerit technician offering fleet services for a class 8 vehicle.

While the benefits of vendor consolidation can yield significant cost savings and process improvements, putting all your eggs in one basket can be daunting. Executives making these pivotal decisions risk putting their company’s success and careers on the line. With so much at stake, Amerit’s CEO, Dan Williams, has compiled a list of 5 tips […]

Exploring Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Fleet Electrification

When it comes to understanding electric vehicle maintenance and fleet electrification, one of the greatest challenges is preparing for the unknown. Because technology is rapidly changing, electric vehicle maintenance and fleet electrification are hot topics for our industry. The following transcript is from a previously recorded episode of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report. Our CEO Dan […]

Three Core Values of Every Successful Fleet Service Center

The three core values of every fleet service center are safety, teamwork and outstanding customer service. CORE VALUE #1: SAFETY In order for a fleet service center to be successful, safety must be a priority. Safety programs should encourage safe behavior and implement safe protocols throughout the fleet service center. When it comes to implementing […]

What to Search for In a Fleet Maintenance Vendor

At Amerit we have built our reputation as the most trusted and respected fleet maintenance vendor in the country by going beyond simply fixing trucks. More than just a fleet vendor, Amerit is your strategic partner for improving uptime, compliance and the performance of your fleet. The Amerit difference rests in three key areas: Custom-built service programs, […]

The Fundamentals of Fleet Maintenance and Vehicle Repair

When it comes to understanding the fundamentals of fleet maintenance and vehicle repair it’s important to note that the two are not synonymous. A thorough fleet maintenance plan includes preventative, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, while vehicle repairs focus on corrective maintenance. Together, these fundamentals promote success.  Preventative, Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance A comprehensive fleet maintenance and vehicle repair plan […]

Preparing Your Fleet for Peak Season

For many of our customers, the holiday season is peak season. During this time of year, the need for fast repairs and the number of units a customer can afford to have down changes significantly. One way we handle the influx of work during peak season is to examine each of our locations and analyze […]