Eliminating Vehicle Downtime For Your Fleet

technician repairing engine to reduce vehicle downtime

Eliminating vehicle downtime for your fleet can seem impossible, but we’ve broken down the most critical factors and best practices you can implement to overcome high downtime.   First, establish an effective preventative maintenance (PM) program. Regardless of your fleet type, the leading cause of unnecessary vehicle downtime is breakdowns from wear item failures, warranty […]

Preparing Your Fleet for the Winter Months

technician working with tires and chains to prepare your fleet for winter months

Preparing your fleet for winter months takes resources, time, and money. But it’s the best way to prevent downtime due to dropping temperatures. Resources: Focus on Preventative Maintenance Although preparing your fleet for the winter months often requires additional resources, sitting on the side of the road with a downed vehicle in sub-zero temperatures can […]

Three Core Values of Every Successful Fleet Service Center

The three core values of every fleet service center are safety, teamwork and outstanding customer service. CORE VALUE #1: SAFETY In order for a fleet service center to be successful, safety must be a priority. Safety programs should encourage safe behavior and implement safe protocols throughout the fleet service center. When it comes to implementing […]

What to Search for In a Fleet Maintenance Vendor

At Amerit we have built our reputation as the most trusted and respected fleet maintenance vendor in the country by going beyond simply fixing trucks. More than just a fleet vendor, Amerit is your strategic partner for improving uptime, compliance and the performance of your fleet. The Amerit difference rests in three key areas: Custom-built service programs, […]

The Fundamentals of Fleet Maintenance and Vehicle Repair

When it comes to understanding the fundamentals of fleet maintenance and vehicle repair it’s important to note that the two are not synonymous. A thorough fleet maintenance plan includes preventative, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, while vehicle repairs focus on corrective maintenance. Together, these fundamentals promote success.  Preventative, Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance A comprehensive fleet maintenance and vehicle repair plan […]

Outsourcing Fleet Maintenance to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Outsourcing fleet maintenance with Amerit can reduce costs, improve uptime and increase the efficiency of your fleet.  At Amerit, we have found that even fleets with well-run maintenance programs have areas that are problematic. Challenges may stem from growth into new markets, poor services from 3rd party vendors or difficulties in recruiting qualified technicians. Amerit’s […]

Why On-Site Fleet Maintenance

Whether you need to start up a new location quickly, improve an existing location, or focus resources on your core business, on-site fleet maintenance may be the answer to your maintenance problems. On-site fleet maintenance is rapidly growing in popularity due to the benefits it can provide, which include reducing costs, saving time and maintaining […]

Preparing Your Fleet for Peak Season

For many of our customers, the holiday season is peak season. During this time of year, the need for fast repairs and the number of units a customer can afford to have down changes significantly. One way we handle the influx of work during peak season is to examine each of our locations and analyze […]