Exploring Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Fleet Electrification

When it comes to understanding electric vehicle maintenance and fleet electrification, one of the greatest challenges is preparing for the unknown. Because technology is rapidly changing, electric vehicle maintenance and fleet electrification are hot topics for our industry. The following transcript is from a previously recorded episode of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report. Our CEO Dan […]

Last Mile Fleet Maintenance: 7 Keys to Success

Whether you’re considering adding last mile delivery services or are already providing them to your customers, you’ll want to make sure your initiatives are set up for success.  Reliable fleet performance is essential as you manage this crucial part of the operation, and to win the “amazing delivery race”, you’ll need to get started much […]

Reduce Costs with a Single Source Provider

Now more than ever, fleets are looking to reduce costs. Whether that means deferring non-essential repairs, delaying new asset investments or cutting maintenance staff, no cost-saving measure is implemented easily or without careful consideration. But one cost-saving measure is unlike any other; rather than targeting reductions in internal resources, fleet managers should look to consolidating […]