The Situation- Large Vendor Network Hampering Productivity.

Several years ago, one of the largest fleets in the country realized that they were in a common predicament: with thousands of complex and specialized assets spread nationwide, their large maintenance vendor network was not only creating problems with budget and cost controls but was also leading to a loss in productivity due to the lack of standardization and process control. They realized they need to fundamentally change their approach if they wanted their fleet to remain best in class.

Their decentralized approach to hiring local maintenance suppliers lead to serious challenges to their fleet:

  • The convoluted communication and management chain was hampering their ability to execute quickly on fleet initiatives.
  • The lack of consistency from their vendor pool meant quality and performance was hard to track and measure.
  • Managing this large group was draining their fleet management team of capacity that could be better used on more strategic priorities.
  • Downtime was high and climbing, right alongside their costs.

The Amerit Solution: One Hand to Shake.

Drawing on our unique, nationwide approach to outsourced maintenance programs, Amerit created the “One Hand to Shake” service program. By uniting our 3 service platforms- On-site Workforces, Mobile Service Centers and Fleet Service Centers, Amerit’s solution created a single point of contact for all fleet maintenance needs, initiatives and directives. The program delivered:

  • Consistency: Under Amerit’s management, processes, training, data, metrics and reporting are consistent and clearly communicated to the client.
  • Standardization: With standardization comes efficiency, and with efficiency comes productivity, and with that comes profit. With our standards implemented across the full fleet, the client would see reductions in downtime and enjoy a more reliable, safe, efficient and productive fleet.
  • Quality: Amerit’s solution controls the training and management of an entire nationwide workforce, ensuring quality improvements were realized day one.
  • Control: Established in partnership with the client, Amerit is measured on 14 individual KPI targets, delivering unprecedented management and control to the client.
  • Savings: The Amerit Solution not only delivers all of the above but by eliminating expensive 3rd party services and reducing downtime, the client could expect year over year savings.

The Results: Fast, Efficient and Effective.

The award of the program to Amerit was the largest maintenance contract awarded in US history. In two short months we hired, trained and deployed over 650 technicians across the country. The client saw immediate improvements in fleet performance and because of our continuous dedication to customer service, partnership, and quality services the client has renewed the contract for an additional term.

The results also include:

  • Large annual expense reduction
  • One supplier with one process nationwide dramatically speeds up implementation of new initiatives, enabling the fleet to maintain a competitive advantage and respond to market demands.
  • Vehicle uptime increased to 99.6% (97% target)
  • DOT compliance increased to 99.7% (98% target)
  • Time to repair is 28% below target

The Road Forward- A Strategic Partner

As a committed, collaborative and professional fleet maintenance organization, our fundamental mission is the relentless pursuit of uptime. More than simply turning wrenches and submitting invoices, Amerit becomes your fleets strategic ally, reducing costs and downtime while keeping your fleet rolling and safe, on the road generating revenue where it belongs.