Many fleets across the country rely on mobile service trucks to support their assets. Whether the mobile service truck is used at night to maintain and repair vehicles during scheduled down time, or the truck is driving on-site to make repairs during the day, mobile truck services have become a vital component in increasing fleet asset uptime.

Mobile Service Trucks for Clients in Need

At Amerit, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we believe that every fleet is unique and has needs that require customized and flexible solutions. For many of our clients, the customized and flexible solution is to introduce new mobile service trucks specifically upfitted to support their fleet. These customized mobile service trucks help our technicians improve uptime, increase efficiency, and access the newest and greatest tools the industry has to offer.

When it comes to developing customized mobile solutions, we start with site visits and conversations. Our site visits include traditional facility inspections, scope of work inspections and proposals. After analyzing, reviewing, and understanding the needs of our clients, we will present our recommendations for upfitting a mobile service truck to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with the service program.


Amerit’s Mobile Service Centers

We recognize that a custom mobile service truck may not be required in every situation. In those cases, we offer our Mobile Service Center (MSC). Incorporating mobile truck services to a fleet’s maintenance and repair plan eliminates the need to move assets out of the field or off location. Our mobile service trucks can service up to 90% of routine maintenance and repair needs* and can provide maintenance and repairs anytime and anywhere.

Our MSC is specifically designed to improve technician efficiency, speed of repairs and services, improve safety and ease of work. Each MSC is also rigged and equipped for the services it will be providing, including carrying parts, fluids and even tires for the fleet it serves.


Electric Vehicle Mobile Trucks

Our commitment to supporting our clients’ needs doesn’t stop with traditional ICE power repair – it’s also expanding into electric vehicle maintenance, support, and repair services. In March 2022, we launched EVolution, the next generation in mobile fleet maintenance. This fully electric and zero emissions mobile service truck was designed to support ICE and electric vehicles and charging hardware side-by-side.

“The EVolution MSC is an important innovation from Amerit that is uniquely designed to support blended fleets,” said CEO Dan Williams, “Electrification is a powerful trend affecting fleets across the country. Amerit is committed to providing innovative, best-in-class solutions that supports fleets as they electrify.”

The EVolution’s battery power is designed to support a full shift, powering all tools and equipment through the night, and returning to the technician’s home in the morning. Additionally, the EVolution mobile maintenance services will include rescue missions. The EVolution MSC is capable of drawing from its own on-board battery packs to provide 5-10 miles of charged to a downed EV, enabling the vehicle to be driven to a charging station or back to the fleet location.

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If your fleet has complex requirements and you need complex solutions, we’re here to help. With traditional mobile service trucks, next generation electric mobile units, and customized mobile truck services, we can get the job done.

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*Our MSCs are designed to handle routine maintenance and repairs. There are certain repairs that need to be executed with equipment that is unavailable for mobile units.