A Q&A with Maintenance Expert and Amerit Fleet Solutions Senior Vice President of Field Operations, Peter Souza

Giving more time between preventive maintenance intervals is a delicate balance between decreasing your downtime while still preventing disruptive breakdowns.

What are the top benefits to extending PM intervals

The biggest misconception behind a PM is that it is just an oil change. A proper PM services and inspects multiple components in order to prolong life while preventing breakdowns or other schedule events. A PM service, therefore, means your vehicle is in the shop longer than a typical oil change and affects your production. So, by increasing the time between PM intervals, you’re reducing vehicle downtime, labor costs and paperwork.

What are the main downsides to making this change?

In extending intervals, such as with oil and other lubricants used in a PM, you need to make sure that you’re getting products specifically made for an extended interval, which could cost you more. Under-maintaining certain components could lead to premature failure of that component, and worse-yet, a breakdown.

What industry trends are enabling fleet managers to consider extending PM intervals?

With advances in vehicle component and lubricant design, the traditional wisdom of PM timing is being challenged. Many components are now maintenance-free and require no service. Many vehicles are equipped with self-extending features such as extended-life coolant; bypass oil filtration; long-life coolant filters and fuel filtration systems; sealed components requiring no lube; auto lubing systems; and tire pressure monitoring systems.

What assessments do you recommend that are critical to making a sound decision to extend intervals?

Determine trends in vehicle problems that can help shape and re-assess your preventive maintenance plan, including a thorough and routine oil sampling program. Stay on top of your maintenance plans throughout the life of the vehicle. As a vehicle ages, you should consider replacing it, don’t let up on your maintenance plan and schedules – whether extended or not extended – until that vehicle has sold.

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