Best practices that drive savings and efficiency into your fleet management program – from the experts at Amerit Fleet Solutions

#1 Proactive Preventive Maintenance Practices

Unexpected breakdowns can be costly. Proper preventive maintenance programs service your vehicles routinely and proactively, reducing the cost of unscheduled downtime by at least 25 percent.

In addition to costly breakdowns, a well-maintained vehicle can also save on costly routine expenses, such as fuel, tires, lube, and filters. For example, a clean and maintained air filter can increase gas mileage and engine efficiency by up to 10 percent.

#2 Record, Track and Measure

A complete, real time data record give you visibility into your fleet’s performance and which can help determine problem areas before the get out of control. Accurate data also helps eliminate waste and redundancies, enabling you to proactively find solutions and maintain your budgets.

Key areas to measure include fuel usage, tires (usage, efficiency and cost per mile), vehicle repair history, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

#3 Monitor and Change Behavior

Monitoring all factors of your fleet operations provides insight into areas of cost savings, as well.

Tracking KPIs and SRTs of your technicians puts a dollar value to the time spent while maintaining your fleet, as well as sets expectations around performance and quality.

The same monitoring can be applied to driving behavior. Tracking idling, routing, and monitoring driving habits can reveal gaps in your team’s performance that can have financial impacts.

This visibility can reduce costly safety items, including workers compensation claims, and help you mitigate the risks through dangerous and wasteful behaviors.

Fill Your Gaps. Reduce Your Costs.

Working with Amerit Fleet Solutions allows you to do all of this and more. As one of the leading providers of fleet maintenance in the country, Amerit focuses solely on your fleet’s needs, letting you focus on your core competencies.

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