Three benefits of customizable fleet maintenance include maximized uptime, consolidated costs and measured KPIs.


Maximized Uptime

The best way to maximize uptime is to focus on preventative maintenance (PM). PMs are crucial for maintaining safety and compliance. A customized fleet maintenance plan provides routine PMs when vehicles are available. At Amerit, we know that your vehicles are on a tight schedule. And we know that some days, your vehicles have a narrow window in which they can be serviced. That’s why we offer flexible PMs over weekends and nights. Our flexibility increases your uptime and profitability.

Our service solutions include mobile maintenance, on-site maintenance, or a fleet service center. And if your fleet needs a combination of services, and we can also support that customization. Our custom-designed solutions have the nationwide infrastructure to execute any plan we design, anywhere in the country.


Consolidated Costs

Working with multiple vendors, purchasing parts from different suppliers and working around a provider’s schedule rather than your fleet’s schedule can add unwanted and unforeseen expenses to your fleet operation.

By partnering with a national service provider, your fleet can consolidate costs, saving you time, money and headaches. Our teams work to provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services which eliminates expensive third-party providers. And our national parts purchasing program puts the strength and size of Amerit’s parts purchasing to work for you, saving you a great deal of money and taking capital expense off your books.

Additionally, our solutions design team works with you to create customized fleet maintenance and repair solutions that fit your needs, your locations, your schedule and your fleet. Our service platforms are flexibly designed to stand alone or work cohesively to help your fleet reach its goals of increasing uptime, compliance, safety and reliability across the country.


Measured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Capturing, measuring and analyzing data can be a drain on fleet managers who don’t have the right equipment, or staffing, to keep up with the data streams that measure KPIs. However, measuring KPIs can offer valuable insights for maximizing uptime, managing TOC and decreasing overall spend. Some valuable insights include which vehicles are costing the most in maintenance repairs, predicting the type of services some vehicles need over others, and narrowing down to the specific VIN of the vehicles which are out of service most frequently.

At Amerit, we customize dashboards to focus on the KPIs your fleet is most interested in measuring. Our technicians enter data in real-time, and the dashboards are always accessible. We believe that measuring KPIs is a major benefit of every customized fleet maintenance plan.



Our comprehensive and innovative service solutions, paired with our customized approach, deliver peace-of-mind while keeping your assets on the road, anywhere across the country.

We believe that through our dedicated and customized fleet maintenance programs, built to fit your fleets’ needs, we can minimize your downtime and keep your fleet on the road where it belongs.


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