Visibility and analysis of your fleet operation is one of the keys to uncovering hidden savings and improving performance. Amerit Fleet Solutions works with clients to develop key performance indicator reports that focus on both the broad performance reports and select reports based on each client’s goals and needs.

Our nationwide infrastructure of dedicated fleet maintenance professionals make sure your report tracking is easy, unified and coordinated across your entire fleet. Our level of coordination makes pinpointing trouble spots and potential areas of savings much easier. We use key performance indicators, or KPIs, to track the performance of each asset, allowing us to easily maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. Reports can be pulled daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly depending on client requirements. And since our technicians input the data into the system at the time of service, the numbers are 100% reliable, current and accurate.

While doing your own reporting and cost tracking can help you save money, it takes time. In 2013, a study by TomTom Business Solutions found that more than a quarter of drivers surveyed from European businesses spent more than four hours a month working on their mileage reports. Amerit Fleet Solutions helps businesses make this process less time-intensive allowing you to direct your valuable time towards revenue generation.

Reporting goes far beyond mileage tracking, though. Our teams search for ways to maximize the efficiency of our maintenance, while making certain that your vehicles remain 100% compliant and safe. Service reporting includes:

  • Life Cycle Cost reports and analysis
  • Warranty reports
  • Accident reporting and analysis
  • Component failure analysis to drive cost reduction and improved equipment specs
  • DOT compliance reporting

If you would like to learn more about how our fleet management reports can benefit your business, you can contact us here.


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