A recent survey by GE Capital Fleet Services estimates that monthly preventative maintenance (PM) costs rose by 4% per vehicle during the 2012 calendar year. Per month replacement tire costs also increased by 15% on a cost-per-mile basis during the year, the previous year it was 10%.

Despite these increases in the cost of care, 100% preventative maintenance completion is critical in saving you money in the long term. Even if your business chooses to cycle your fleet early, a history of regular, comprehensive maintenance means the likelihood of a higher resale value. Not only that, it also prevents breakdowns, reduces downtime, increases safety and proactively addresses potential failures before they happen. This increases uptime, reduces costs, ensures in-service ratios are as high as possible and extends the vehicle lifecycle. Are those enough reasons for you?

When it comes to maintenance, not all vehicles are created equal. A service schedule that works for half of your fleet may not be necessary for the other half. Here at Amerit Fleet Solutions, we work with our customers to create personalized service plans for their fleets. We operate differently by supplying you with a team that focuses exclusively on your fleet’s needs. And with our unique, in-house care, we cut out the downtime required to travel to a service center, meaning no wasted time by your drivers.

With over 115,000 fleet vehicles under contract in more than 450 different service locations all over the United States, Amerit Fleet Solutions successfully helps businesses remain on the road. We offer:

  • Repairs ranging from the simple to heavy duty
  • Lifecycle cost tracking
  • Tire maintenance and cost analysis
  • Automated parts, tire, and liquid inventory management

Interested in learning more about how we can make caring for your fleet more efficient? Feel free to contact us to learn more about what Amerit Fleet Solutions can do for you.


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