Outsourcing fleet maintenance with Amerit can reduce costs, improve uptime and increase the efficiency of your fleet. 

Reduce Costs

When it comes to outsourcing fleet maintenance, there are several ways to reduce costs. Whether it’s hiring talented technicians to make expert repairs, or saving money on parts and equipment, look for a supplier who has the experience and the expertise to make it happen. Another way to reduce costs is to implement proactive PMs (Preventative Maintenance).

Proactive PMs

Outsourcing fleet maintenance is an effective way to reduce expenses for your fleet operations. A great partner will provide expert technicians, who are trained to spot developing, potentially costly, issues before they become large problems. 

By being proactive and noting potential issues down the line, Amerit’s fleet maintenance programs result in the fleet being able to reduce expenses by avoiding unscheduled downtime and serious repairs.

Avoiding costly repairs and potential breakdowns means increasing uptime and decreasing costs.

Talented Technicians

Another benefit to outsourcing fleet maintenance is the third-party management of technicians. Next to drivers, technicians are the hardest to fund, hire and keep. And the nature of the work with changing regulations and evolving technologies, also means that technicians require on-going and thorough training. 

Amerit has become the employer of choice for today’s best technicians. We have a team dedicated to recruiting, hiring, training and managing the best technicians for your fleet maintenance needs.

Day or night, specialized equipment or standard equipment, small town or booming metropolis, we will find the right techs for your job. 

Parts and Equipment

Outsourcing fleet maintenance can improve the way your fleet orders parts and equipment, ultimately saving you money by leveraging the larger footprint and volume of fleet vehicles they support. Amerit works with nationwide suppliers, and because of our established relationships, size and experience we are in a better position to negotiate price.

When it comes to aftermarket parts versus Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) – is the extra cost worth is? The short answer is that it depends. 

When procuring replacement parts for your fleet, Amerit has found that using a blended approach to parts acquisition is key to success. By creating a strategic national supplier network, Amerit’s parts and tire program allows several benefits including:

  • Cost reduction
  • Less vehicle downtime
  • Greater access to parts availability 

Improving Uptime with 3 Custom, Amerit Solutions

Every fleet has its own unique challenges, operations and vehicles. At Amerit, we know that a solution for one vehicle may not warrant success for another vehicle. Which is why we offer several different service solutions. 

Fleet Service Center

It’s like having your own garage, but better. This outsourcing fleet maintenance plan is focused on rapid turnaround and comprehensive, high quality services for a small number of fleets – acting as your home garage, minus the hassle. 

Mobile Service Center

Think of it as a garage on wheels. Developed to provide the highest quality maintenance and repair services on location, this outsourcing fleet maintenance plan can be deployed anytime and anywhere in the country. 

On-Site Workforce

Your garage. Our technicians. No hassle. 

Our on-site fleet maintenance acts as an extension of your team, adding expert technical value, while reducing headaches so you can focus on your business. 


As the most trusted and respected team of fleet maintenance professionals in the country, we leverage our nationwide infrastructure to create maintenance service solutions wherever you need them. 

For more information please call 855-832-9922 or visit www.ameritfleetsolutions.com


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