While the previous post discussed the first two hidden values of an outsourced maintenance program, today we will address part 2 and discuss additional “hidden” benefits of an outsourced maintenance program.

Finding the Hidden Value of an Outsourced Maintenance Program – part 2

  1. Documentation

Outsourced maintenance partners have the expertise, data, and procedures in place to deliver thorough maintenance documentation to defend against fleet liability resulting from a collision. Cutting liability exposure through documentation could save the fleet from debilitating, business-ending costs.

Despite all efforts to focus on safety, accidents still happen. When a fleet vehicle is involved in a collision, the company that owns it is often subject of the ensuing lawsuits under the “deep pockets” theory of liability. Having detailed records that prove you are in compliance and have a thorough maintenance program, verify nothing was wrong with the vehicle — or support your contention that the incident could not have been prevented — will go a long way toward protecting your fleet and your company from charges of neglect.

Amerit’s technicians are highly trained and dedicated experts who understand the importance of data. They are as thorough in documenting their findings and process on a work order as they are in performing the actual service.

  1. Driver Retention

Your drivers work for you because they want to do a good job and be proud of what they do. They want to meet their schedules, help solve customers’ problems, and be the face and voice of your company. Most drivers prefer to be on time for appointments and successfully complete their assigned tasks. An ill-timed breakdown can ruin their workday and directly impact the bottom line.

Drivers who know their vehicles are regularly and properly maintained will be happier in their jobs and more apt to remain with your company. They will be higher quality drivers and will likely have a better risk profile, resulting in less turnover as well as lower training costs. Reduced downtime and more reliable vehicles will ensure your fleet is staffed by happier, more productive drivers. They can stick to their schedules, focus on customer service, and never feel pressured to compromise safety to make up for lost time.

In summary, while the obvious benefits of an outsourced maintenance program will save fleets money and make them more productive, the savings go far deeper, and they affect every aspect of the enterprise. When you are planning the implementation of your outsourced maintenance plan, don’t overlook these hidden — but highly valuable — benefits.

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