fleet standardizationExperienced company leaders know that standardized processes are one of the key ways to achieve efficiency. But often, companies that have fleets of vehicles lack standardized processes to handle all of the issues related to providing in-house maintenance, resulting in the need to spend valuable time and resources correcting mistakes and overcoming the aftereffects of inefficiency.

There is an easy solution to headaches resulting from a lack of standardization — outsourcing fleet maintenance to a third-party provider, such as Amerit. Handing off this important fleet function allows a number of gains for the enterprise, including predictability and a tightening up of operations. A standardized process is a predictable process — it can be scheduled, budgeted, and forecasted. It doesn’t rely on guesses or the accumulation of another stream of raw data that needs to be analyzed and interpreted.

Fleet Standardization: The Nuts & Bolts of Outsourcing Your Maintenance Program

The goal of any maintenance program is to ensure that the fleet is kept up and running safely and efficiently. Amerit accomplishes this by employing thorough, standardized practices that are replicated at all of the fleet’s maintenance locations; in other words, vehicles at Location A will receive the same service as the shop at Location B. And, further, it’s not enough that the same service is performed in the same way; maintenance must also be performed at the highest level of quality at every location.

Regardless where or how many maintenance locations you need for your company’s fleet, Amerit’s uniformity and standardization — to your specifications — go hand-in-hand.  In practice, this means:

  • Data will be captured the way your business needs it, allowing quicker insights and informed decisions to be made with a greater level of confidence and certainty
  • Procedures and safety regulations will be strictly and uniformly enforced
  • Processes regarding the way maintenance is provided, equipment and parts are ordered, the way work is triaged, how techs are trained and how often will be the same

Amerit’s Fleet Standardization Processes Reduces Repair Costs

Taking these steps to make maintenance predictable and operations more efficient allows Amerit to spot larger, potentially costly, underlying causes for repairs, resulting in the fleet now being able to reduce expenses by avoiding more serious repairs, improving uptime, and increasing the bottom line with more productive vehicles.


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