Whether your fleet is local, regional or nationwide, partnering with the right national maintenance service provider can provide your fleet with unmatched quality, priority, accuracy, and reliability, while reducing costs.

Today’s fleets all face the same challenge: How do you maintain your assets when you are not able to use in-house technicians? 

The answer is typically to use a large number of small, local service providers. This model causes many challenges though, since the system drains management resources and creates significant administrative burdens:

  • Priority is often an issue
  • Quality and consistency can be poor and difficult to track
  • Standardized, accurate data is impossible to get or may require manual entry
  • Costs are high

Amerit addresses these issues with a simple solution: Tell us what you need and where you need it and we will build a solution that addresses your requirements – anywhere in the country. 

How do we do this? By deploying one of our custom, comprehensive maintenance solutions:

Fleet Service Centers

Our Amerit Fleet Service Centers are purpose-built specifically to provide dedicated services to a small number of local fleets. Like having your own garage right around the corner, the Amerit Fleet Service Centers bring you the priority, quality and comprehensive services that your fleet demands.

On-Site Workforce

The Amerit On-Site Workforce platform brings our technical and workforce management experts into your existing garages. With our nationwide management structure and professional recruiting team, Amerit brings standardization across multiple locations. Through hiring the right technicians, we reduce the amount of expensive outsourced services by providing 98 percent of your fleet’s needs on-site.

Designing the Perfect Service Program: FleetPoint Analysis

Building a custom service structure begins with a precise system that takes the guesswork out of configuring the perfect service solution:
  • With our FleetPoint Analysis System, Amerit is able to accurately measure the requirements of even the most varied complex fleets
  • Using a labor algorithm, Amerit analyzes the customer’s fleet list to determine labor requirements needed to maintain the asset, taking into account important variables like age, mileage and the application
  • Amerit then maps where the workload is needed and identifies groups of assets that can be economically serviced by a combination of service platforms

How Many Units Do I Need?

We are often asked, “How many units do I need to have for you to develop a custom solution?” The answer is surprisingly few. A dedicated solution can be economical with a few as 20 assets in some circumstances.

How is Amerit Able to Do This?

Some customers believe this is “too good to be true,” and ask how Amerit is able to do this profitably. The answer is our footprint. Amerit has over 1,300 technicians supporting assets in over 500 locations nationwide. By leveraging this, we are able to go wherever our customers need us.


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