This week our team has been focusing what we call “Safety Around the Clock.” As we discussed earlier, safety is a 24/7 priority for every well-run fleet. When we are training our employees on safety, we need to broaden the focus to situations outside of the workplace.

Safety does not reside in a designated shift or in a specific location. Safety is also important at home and on the way to and from the job. It’s as important while walking the dog or driving through your neighborhood as it is when you are at work.

This week’s training encourages our employees to identify hazards outside of work and submit a brief report describing the unsafe act or condition and what they did to either make the situation safe or avoid becoming a casualty of it. By concentrating focus outside of work, we are taking further steps to keeping safety top-of-mind and part of daily life.

We are also educating our team the difference between taking corrective action and becoming part of the problem. For example, if you see a driver texting while driving, you shouldn’t speed up and try to flag them down, or worse yet, yell at them out your open window.  Instead, slow or stop your vehicle, let the hazard pass and then continue safely on your journey.  Nobody can correct all of the safety violations we see on our roadways, and sometimes avoiding it is the best action to take. 

Safety Around the Clock requires our team to learn to see problems even when they are outside of the workplace. Next week’s focus – Looking Out for Each Other.


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