Ask anybody on the street these days and they will tell you a story of how difficult and dangerous this winter has been. When our country is hit with record storms from early fall to spring it makes the little details of ordinary life much more challenging. And if life was hard for the average person, operating a fleet in these conditions can be a downright magic trick!

I am proud that Amerit is often the unseen hero in challenging times. As a dedicated ally and partner, our mission is to support our clients’ fleets as they push to restore or continue services to communities hardest hit by the savage storms. We know first hand that extreme conditions never sleep, and so neither do we. When the weather gets tough, our team gets going.

I would like to recognize the efforts of the Amerit teams across the 20+ states hit hardest by storms this winter. They worked tirelessly around the clock to repair and return downed vehicles to service, keep generator pools running and they even delivered fuel to fleet vehicles when no one else would.

At Amerit, we pride ourselves on our outstanding dedication to servicing our customers. It is our mission to make the challenging business of running a fleet in the worst winter on record, a little easier. The Amerit employees who went above and beyond the call embody the very best of what we all aspire to: dedication, service, and excellence.

– Dan Williams, CEO


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