Disaster recoveryTexas and Florida have a long road ahead to recovery after the destruction left by Hurricane Harvey and Irma in August/September 2017. Amerit Fleet Solutions is committed to supporting our customers in all affected areas as they work hard to aid in disaster recovery, helping to restore essential services and deliver food and water to hard hit communities.

Amerit employees go the extra mile during these challenging times

We would like the recognize the heroic efforts of our employees who are going above and beyond to repair and return downed vehicles to service, keep generator pools running and deliver fuel to fleet vehicles. Additionally, Amerit is moving toward hiring friends and relatives of either local employees or our clients, enlisting their help with services anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or longer as the recovery process continues.

disaster recovery

“Our employees will do everything they can to get life back to normal and help make the 5+ states hit hardest better than they were a few weeks ago, but it takes time.” – Dale Franklin, Amerit’s Assistant Vice President Strategic Operations.

At Amerit, we pride ourselves on our outstanding dedication to servicing our customers and are doing everything in our power to aid in the ongoing disaster recovery efforts.

How can you help disaster recovery efforts?

In support of our employees who have been affected by recent events, we have set up a relief fund page for Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. While the storms are over, the long term effects are still being determined for many. We encourage those who would like to assist those in need to visit the site to support our fellow colleagues.

disaster recovery

For those looking to support the greater regions affected by Hurricane Irma, you can also donate to the American Red Cross at www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-irma-donations and www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-harvey.


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