At Amerit Fleet Solutions we have many things to be thankful for, and as we move into the holiday season, we believe it is important to stop and be mindful of all that we have.

The first thing we are thankful for is our technicians and field managers who are truly the greatest asset our organization has. Day in and day out they work in challenging environments. And knowing that the cost of failure is high, our technicians and managers are relentless in their dedication to the safety of our employees, client drivers and our communities. 

Each day our technicians make thousands of repairs, and every one of those repairs is critical to our customers’ success and safety. We’re only as good as the last repair we make, so with every PM service, every repair, every DOT Inspection passed and every happy customer, our technicians make us stronger, building a brighter future for our clients and ourselves. 

In addition to our technicians and fleet managers, we are thankful for our corporate employees. Our corporate employees work hard to support our technicians and managers in the field. The success of our company is the culmination of all our employees working hard as a team. 

Finally, we are thankful for our customers’, whose continued support and partnership provides us with an amazing opportunity to focus on our mission – to create the most innovative and comprehensive service solutions. Our client relationships inspire us to always improve and innovate. 

Our company has been blessed with tremendous opportunities and we are thankful for each of them. On behalf of the executive team and myself, I sincerely thank our employees and customers for everything they do. 

Dan Williams, Amerit Fleet Solutions CEO 

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