On-Site Workforce

Our On-site Workforce Solution puts the strength of our expert technicians, fleet managers and nationwide infrastructure to work in your existing facilities. It’s like having your own maintenance team without all the hassle.

Whether you need to start up a new location quickly, improve the quality of existing locations, or simply focus time and effort on your core business, we will deliver top-tier, qualified fleet maintenance and repair technicians when and where you need them.

Each On-site Workforce Solution is tailor made to fit your fleet composition and operational needs, bringing unprecedented benefits to your fleet operations:

Top Tier Technicians

As one of the largest providers of dedicated fleet maintenance, AFS is the employer of choice for today’s best and brightest technicians. Through our on-going training and certifications program, our nationwide team of technicians brings full scope capabilities to every class of vehicle and fleet composition. From alternative fuel vehicles, including hybrid, CNG and LNG, aerial equipment, material handling equipment, dry and refrigeration trailers, and highly specialized equipment, our experts will ensure full compliance with DOT, ANSI and other local, state and federal requirements

Added Capacity and Flexibility

Our on-site program provides the flexibility in size and breadth of workforce you require to tackle peak periods or special projects with confidence and ease. With our technical team and professional recruiters you can flex up to meet increasing demands, call in a special project team or deploy an entire new staff to areas of growth, all with one call. 

Rapid Scalability

Amerit’s nationwide infrastructure enables us to rapidly scale solutions that provide you with a consistent, streamlined approach to maintenance at all of your fleet locations. Serving fleets across the US, our team of experts focuses on the needs of the individual locations while bringing process optimization, standardization and savings across your entire fleet enterprise.


Focus On Your Core Business

Alleviating the burden of managing a technical workforce, the On-site Workforce Solution allows you to focus on your core business by reducing time and resources spent on administration and management activities. 

Service Schedule Based On Your Operations

Each solution is custom made to your specifications, including service hours. Do you need our technicians at night when your drivers go home? On the weekends? Early in the morning? Whatever time you need us, we will be there for you.

Mitigate Risks

Garage facilities are inherently dangerous places. That is why Amerit has industry leading safety, compliance and training programs, effectively alleviating our clients’ OSHA, HAZMAT and other workplace safety risks.

Coast-to-Coast Solution

Our ability to bring standardization, improvements in performance and compliance, and deliver bottom line savings has made us the go-to partner for many of the largest and most complex fleets in the country today. With on-site locations throughout the US, this service has become the hallmark of Amerit’s quality and bottom-line value from coast to coast.

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