On-Site Workforce

Our On-Site Workforce brings our fleet maintenance and management experts into your existing garages. Delivering bottom-line savings and improving your fleet’s performance are just the beginning of the benefits of this service program:

Alleviating Burdens

Our on-site program alleviates the burden of managing a technician workforce, allowing our clients to focus on their core business by reducing time and resources spent on administration and management activities.

Mitigating Risks

Garage facilities are inherently dangerous places. That is why Amerit has industry leading safety, compliance and training programs, effectively alleviating our clients’ OSHA, HAZMAT and other workplace safety risks.

Nationwide management and employee infrastructure

Our nationwide infrastructure allows us to rapidly scale up or down according to our clients’ needs. We have become the go-to partner during peak periods like holidays and during times of crisis such as severe storms like Super Storm Sandy.

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